Since We’re on the Subject of Oprah…

… We weren’t? I could’ve sworn we were. Go figure…

It is hard to not be thinking about her, though, with only two weeks to go until her Australian shows and I have no idea what I am going to wear. I’m not normally a ‘Oh my gosh, what am I going to wear?’ kind of girl, I wait until the day and then have a minor freak out that I don’t have anything nice that fits but that’s about it.

This is different, though. I am going to Oprah. I might end up on TV. And it’s probably time I started trying to dress nicely to help myself feel better about my body image.

While my Mum was here we went into town, I was under the impression that it was to pick up a present for Kahlei but I was tricked into trying on numerous tops and dresses. I hate to clothes shop.

I found one top, which I loved. It fell perfectly, especially over my no longer pregnant, recently been cut open and smooshed around tummy. It was silky and felt sexy. Unfortunately, being a new mum brings with it boobieliciousness which simply didn’t fit in the top. Completely bummed.

We took a break – clothes shopping can be so depressing.

Later in the day I did find a top I liked. It fit and covered and hid those belly bits that I really wouldn’t want seen on Telly. I didn’t buy it, I wanted James to see it and help me pick some pants and bolero to go with it, turns out I should have just bought it as we might not get back to the store before the show!

Mum popped online (oh how I love this digital age) to see if we could get it there. When we saw Crossroads was having a delicious (online only) sale I was excited, only to discover every size except small was sold out! It was the same with anything else I liked.

I am freaking out.

I am not the most fashion savvy person, time is running out and I really want to go looking nice. For the experience, for my confidence, for my husband and children I want to make the effort. And, of course, for myself.

I need help!! Here is what I probably would have bought, had my sizes been available;

(the pants would have been black) or maybe this;

And if I am wearing a skirt, I want to get me some of these tights. Even if I’m not, I want some!

Though, I can’t say I know whether it’s a good look or not. Fashion-challenged, that’s me! On top of all that there’s shoes (I have a pair of runners and some thongs..) and accessories. I wish the shopping fairy would pop out and do all this for me, leaving me to only get dressed on the day and I suppose the money fairy needs to come along, too.

I have no idea where to start looking. Any of you wonderful ladies out there have any suggestions? Anybody out there want to give me a whole outfit, everything included? I could do a ‘What I am Wearing to Oprah’ post. It would be awesome and you would love it, promise.



  1. sorry, I'm the last person to ask – being a p.e. teacher all I ever wear is tshirts and track pants. But I like the blue top…even if it's not in your size the idea is right (the layers would do a great job of 'concealing' anything that might try to escape!! good luch though – would love to see what you eventually choose. xxxCate

  2. I hope you got something you felt great in. Do write that post.

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