All I want for Christmas…

Dearest Santa,

It appears Christmas is on it’s way. In fact, it is just around the corner, where this year has gone I have no idea. That’s not the point, though.

1. A car, something big enough for three car seats! – the ability to get myself and the children out of the house, to the park, to childcare, to playgroup is becoming more and more important. I am over feeling stuck at home.
2. A trip to Taronga Zoo to see Mr Shuffles -I so want to see him and experience the zoo with Ellie at her current age.

3. Smiggle Stationary – There’s too much to choose from, so anything… everything. One can never have too much stationary. I’ve made a wishlist. You know you want to check it out and buy everything on it 😉
4. The Sims 3: Late Night – I love, love the Sims 3 and even though I don’t get to play it much.. or ever, really, I still want every expansion pack.
5. A macro lens – A Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM to be precise.

These are the top 5 things this year, Dear Santa, the car in particular is my heart’s desire.

I’ll be sure to put out some gingerbread and milk on Christmas Eve and maybe some little extra treats 🙂
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  1. OMG – do you seriously not have a car?? How do you survive 🙂 xxxCate

  2. I love Smiggle stationary …pity they are so far away.
    I hope you get your car soon.
    I couldn't decide between the Cannon 60mm & 100mm macro but my photographer friend said if it is photos of the kids you want it for (I did mostly) – to go the 60mm.
    Who knows ?

  3. I really don't have a car, Cate and it is driving me NUTS!! Lol. The hubs is currently looking for one, so I am hopeful we will soon be able to get out of the house…
    We recently got a Smiggle half an hour away – I LOVE that store! I want the lens for photographing the kids, too, so maybe I should rethink which one I want!

  4. Hey Becky We fit all our three Safe'n'Sound carseats into our Mazda6 station wagon (with mere millimetres to spare!). I highly recommend it – it's a brilliant family car and there's lots of storage in the back for the pram and all the paraphernalia you need for littlies.

    I posted about it at if you're interested. J x

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