Wordless Wednesday: A Little Christmas Cheer

Not yet in the Christmas Spirit…
Today I am grateful for:
1. A happy healthy family when others are grieving over losses I cannot even fathom
2. All three children FINALLY sleeping after a no-nap day
3. Unexpected words of support that lift my spirits after a tough day
4. Baby Bonds – they are seriously too cute
5. The cool breeze we’re enjoying now
What are you grateful for today?



  1. Very cute!! These are all wonderful things to be thankful for, I especially love number 2 as well.

  2. Nice one Becky! Oh and I'm a bonds growsuit kind of mum…best baby pjs in the world 🙂 xxxCate

  3. Aw! Such a sweet, but tired baby! Great capture!

  4. Aww , so remember those days of no napping babies.
    I loved Baby bonds and was so sad when my boys grew out of baby bonds in everything.
    Yay on #2 and so true about #1.

  5. Now that's a cheer. Glad you're feeling well. Take care!

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