Hot Dog!! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Review

In partnership with Porter Novelli and Walt Disney, we have been given the opportunity to review and enjoy these products below.

The day my package arrived, I had no idea how integral the contents would be in the weeks after Jasper’s arrival in keeping my girls busy and entertained as the rain poured outside and I dealt with my hungry newborn.

The ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse’ CD went straight out to Nanna’s car with the girls as they prepared to go out for a drive. It wasn’t long before Nanna was ringing me to thank me for suggesting they listen to it on their half hour drive. And then when they got home, it was quickly requested.
The CD contains 18 tracks from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series, sung by all the Mickey Mouse characters. They’re all very catchy and had my girls on their feet from the first note. It wasn’t long before both girls were happily singing along like they’d been listening to them for years.
Dance, baby!
I even found myself singing along (or having track 1; Mikey Mouse Clubhouse Theme run through my head late at night whilst feeding Jasper). I was worried the songs would grate on my nerves after not too long, but have found myself able to contently sit and feed my bub while watching my gorgeous girls dance to their heart’s content. And just secretly, Jasper and I have had a dance ourselves.
I was disappointed to find the Hot Dog dance wasn’t on the CD, meaning I still have to rewind the DVD to the start of the song every time we watch an episode at least twice.
It wasn’t long before we sat down to watch the ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Great Outdoors’ DVD.
As you would expect from the title, the 4 episodes on the DVD see Mickey and friends exploring outside, which had both my girls wanting to play outside after watching and lead to much play in the rain (more so than normal). Once the rain stops and our yard dries, Ellie has grand plans for taking their play tents out the back after watching Mickey’s Camp Out, the second episode on the DVD.
Each adventure encourages the watchers to interact, be creative and think outside the box. The problem solving involved in the usage of each Mousekatool is never quite what you expect and I love that it’s encouraging viewing things in a different light and experimentation. I bet you can’t guess what they will use the hippopotamuses for in the first episode, Daisy’s Grasshopper!

There’s number and shape recognition, positive underlying themes such as sharing and helping, not to mention the colourful characters which make up these stories.

I am not big on having the TV on much during the day, however with the new challenges of a newborn I admit that it has been on much more often than normal and I am happy to let the girls sit and watch this DVD while I settle or feed bub, get some house work done or just vege and watch with them.

Also, I like to tie in activities with what they’re seeing. So I have many fun ideas to keep us busy like a fishing game.

My favourite arrival, however, has been Playhouse Disney Magazine, which is a magazine for preschool aged children which is chock-full of activities for learning through play.

Each issue is themed and has extra ideas to encourage parents to build on the activities in the magazine in their child’s everyday life, which I just love as I believe each experience in a child’s life can be expanded upon and offer them so much.

Ellie and I took advantage of her slightly later bedtime to take a look through the activities contained in our issue, which conveniently has a theme of Colour since she is obsessed with all things colour at the moment. Full of pages to colour free-style, by number, by dots, games, dot-to-dots and so much more, Ellie was instantly enthralled.

It’s perfect for our quiet moments together and offers many interesting facts while encouraging experimentation, such as mixing colours to create another.


Ellie loves ‘her magazine’ and I have even found her sleeping with it at nap time. I am interested to see what other themes the magazine will touch on and will be looking out for it for her.

And before I go, today I am grateful for:

1. The opportunity to review these, I know that sounds daggy but they really have made a difference between getting through an afternoon or having three children in meltdown
2. Us getting closer to buying a car
3. Coke. Sometimes I just really need my caffine hit!
4. New books for story time
5. The services which are contacting and touching base with me, making me positive I can get through this with their help


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  1. Hi Becky So pleased to hear that help is pouring in. Sending you a Hobart ♥ J x

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