A Visit to Santa

We tried the whole shopping for Oprah Show clothes again today, with our three grumpy kidlets in tow who should have been napping instead of meandering through clothes store after clothes store.

After trying on garment after garment thrown at me given to me by James or the lovely yet over-zealous shop assistant I did manage to come away with an ensemble I was happy to wear (well, I was until James took some photos to send to mum), minus a bag, bling and shoes.

Around lunch time we managed to fit in a Santa ‘visit’. We sat on a park bench where we could see the man in the Big Red Suit from which Ellie happily waved and called out to him as we ate our meal and talked about how she was about to go and see Santa. She danced about like an excited Pixie and when the time came she gave Kahlei a pep-talk about how he wasn’t scary.

We made our way over, only to have both girls freak out. No surprise there, really, so we said they should just wave at him as we passed which they happily did until Santa decided to be his generous self. He stood to give the girls some cardboard reindeer antlers as they passed another bench and both ended up kneeling on the seat crying at Santa to stay away.

And me being the horrible mother that I am found it amusing (only mildy so, of course).

Santa’s helper saved them by bringing their antlers and a balloon each and we went on our way, only to have both girls obsessively waving and calling out to Santa again once they were a safe distance from him.

Ah well, maybe next year…

When did your children feel okay to go see Santa?

Today I am grateful for:

1. Getting out of the house and this town
2. Watching Ellie and Kahlei together, especially Ellie as she cuddles and comforts Kahlei
3. My beautiful cousin, who I miss like crazy and who leaves me loving messages that make me miss her more, but they also make me feel warm and loved
4. My wonderful husband who bought me my outfit and has organised maps, aps and timetables for our travel into and out of the city on Tuesday
5. New clothes. I don’t often get to shop for myself, especially not for fancy-ish clothes



  1. Oh, Sweetie, last year Miss India (then just turned 2) completely freaked out and refused to sit with the boys in the photo. I'm not sure what this year will bring…J x

  2. That is what my kids did last year happy to wave from afar but wouldn't go near Santa so no photos but this year we got a photo with the kids sitting on the arms of Santas chair and not a smile in sight. Funny thing was as soon as it was over Neevah said 'Thank you for the present Santa Merry Christmas' and happily skipped away

  3. Your girls are gorgeous! My kids are like that with animals – big small cat dog – it get's embarrassing especially when it is your friends house that they have been to like a gazillion times and they still do the same thing and freak out!!

  4. Mine are 2 and 4 and I'm hoping this is our Santa year!! The plan is talk him up all week and go to see him next weekend. Fingers crossed.

  5. Jaxen only likes Santa from a far!

    We seen him in the shopping center and from a distance Jaxen got very excited but as we got closer he freaked out and on came the tears.

  6. My Miss 5 has stopped the hyperventilating, the colour change and the clamminess when she spies Santa, now she just trembles all over when she gets within a 5m radius… I've given up on my Santa photo dreams.

  7. Love the photos! Anna is 6 and sat on Santas knee for the first time a week ago at the playgroup Christmas party. Mind you, she knew who it was.!

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