A Girl’s Gotta Have Shoes

I have a confession to make. I have only two pairs of shoes, both sneakers, and a couple of pairs of thongs.

I don’t have a single pair of dress shoes. I’ve never owned high heels. I don’t shoe shop.

Combing the town for shoes for tomorrow (I’m not sure I’ve mentioned yet that I’m going to see Oprah?…;) the girls got busy trying on as many sparkly, flashy and fancy shoes they could and even I had a moment where I wished I was coordinated to totter about on something with a decent heel.

In fact I think I fell in love with some hot pink + black lace heels. Wish I’d bought them!

Playing along with Fat Mum Slim’s Point and Shoot

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  1. Have A FAB time in Sydney @ Oprah.
    My SIL is going too –
    Hope you got your shoes.

  2. How fun, I,too,only have two pairs of shoes, one set of flats & one set of heels.
    But I am really not much of a girly girl.
    Loving the picture of your little girl!

  3. i have that many pairs of shoes, that my shoe box is starting to look a bit crazy.
    Hubby says im not to buy any more untill the ones i already have start wearing out.

    But thats the problem, i dont like wearing new shoes in, if they hurt the first time i wear them, then i buy different ones and the ones that hurt, get left lingering on the bottom of the shoe box.
    (which is actually a toy box)

    What size shoe are you?
    What day are go going to see Oprah?

  4. Too funny, Becky. I've found I only alternate between a few pairs of shoes since arriving on Planet Baby. Something in the need to simplify with so many decisions to other people to make. Good luck with your hunt. Oh, and you may want to update your 'About us' to include a certain recent addition ☺. J x

  5. I only have a pair of birkenstocks and a pair of sneakers!! I do own one pair of dressy black things, but I so rarely wear them – do wish I had a bit more style sometimes though 🙂

    PS: have fun at oprah 🙂

  6. so hope you had a great time with Oprah and found something you liked to wear! can't wait to hear how it went. Naomi x


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