Today’s Daily Grateful list

This Daily Grateful list is brought to you by the amazing Ms Winfrey!

Today I am grateful for:

1. The wonderful experience Mum and I had today. From getting ready to being THERE and seeing the lady herself (even if from afar) – just amazing
2. All the people who worked hard to get the show together and make it happen
3. My husband, who looked after all three children while I went and had a wonderful time
4. My mum, who chose me out of all the people she knows to share this with
5. Oprah. The woman is truly an inspiration, a beautiful soul, the epitome of gracious and giving

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to post about my experience.

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  1. Ah, Becky, but what shoes did you wear?! J x

  2. Awesome 😀

  3. Jane, my mum brought some that don't fit her. They were strappy heel types. And boy did I get blisters! I call them my Oprah blisters. And would you believe I didn't get a photo of the shoes… complete fail on my part!

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