{52 Weeks} Week 23: The Oprah Show

This week I decided to cheat and use a photo taken earlier in the week, rather than one taken today. Only because I thought a photo of mum and I in line for Oprah would be a great idea for this week’s {52 Week} portrait.

The day – amazing. The show – amazing. The woman – amazing.

We may have walked 6 blocks in uncomfortable shoes from Martin Place to Circular Quay due to changed traffic conditions, creating blisters which I now refer to as my Oprah Blisters, but at the end of those six blocks was this banner and while there were hundreds through out the city, this one gave me goose bumps. We were so close. I could feel it.

We may have stood in our uncomfortable shoes on our Oprah Blisters in a sea of thousands of people, which magnified the heat for an hour or more, but at the end of the line we were ushered into a tent with metal detectors, bag searchers. The excitement was building in my chest and I knew we were almost there.

Much more almost there than the people behind us.

And then we were there. In section C3, our view of the stage was not so great and the sun decided to come out in full force as we waited on our not-so-comfortable seats which were definitely placed too close to each other, but we were there. I could barely sit still, the thrill was taking hold. The crowd was being warmed up. We were cheering, dancing, being told Bono would be there, screaming.

I took this photo just before we were told to turn off phones and put away cameras. There were so many times I saw people around me blatantly disregarding the rule of no photos during shooting and, I admit there were moments where I had such a clear view that I wanted nothing more than to snap a pic, however I felt there was an important level of respect that I should uphold. Oprah herself will never know that I didn’t snap any photos, only my mum and I will know, that’s enough though.

And then she was there. I teared up, I was completely unprepared for the surge of emotion that grabbed at my chest as the back of the set opened to reveal Oprah. She may have been a miniature person, often hidden by other people’s big heads, from where I was sitting, but she was beautiful. Gorgeous. Powerful.

It was as if the whole Harbour was suddenly filled with her presence.

I was mesmerised. The crowd was mesmerised. Well – possibly with the exception of the lady sitting next to me who did not smile, clap, get excited or show an ounce of interest. I took a moment to wonder why she had bothered to come and then was swept up in the atmosphere that included everyone except her. Of course, now that I am not in the midst of such a raw, honest, amazing experience I realise she was probably one of those people who were simply there for stuff. She may have gone home with something, but by being closed to what was going on around her she truly missed out.

I wont go into Bono talking about hanging up his glasses, Hugh Jackman’s black eye, being there to witness Oprah trying Vegemite or the amazing star-studded finale, you’ll see them when you watch in January (you will be watching, right? Just in case you see me? I’ll be the one in blue…) .

What I do want to share is the moments between, during the ad breaks when Oprah sat on her stage and addressed US, a crowd of 6000, as if we were friends. Best friends (I’m pretty sure she and I are actually BFF ;). She thanked us all for making the effort to travel to Sydney to see her, for buying new outfits even though she would never know they were, for purchasing new shoes and making ourselves up.

When Hugh Jackman got down from his harness, Oprah went over to him, gave him a kiss and said “Hi, baby.” A beautiful moment we were able to bare witness to. And in one ad break a man with a ladder to check the light after the incident to “make sure it doesn’t fall”, to which Oprah replied, in that special Oprah way “I would love you to make sure it doesn’t fall on me.”

She shared with us, after getting her eye lashes fixed, how it takes a village to dress her. It also takes a village to get her TV on. The talk show Queen is hilarious, personable and simply a normal person while being an extraordinary human being.

We may have been gifted a gorgeous diamond necklace, in the shape of an ‘O’ but what she really gave was herself, leaving us with memories, moments and once the cameras were switched off for the last time her advice to live a life of purpose. To live a life of love. To reach out to others.

And I intend to try and follow her advice. Not because she’s Oprah, but because what she spoke of rang true with me, she spoke directly to me and connected with my heart.

To have shared such a day with my mum, after the year we’ve had, was the best thing!

Today I am grateful for:

1. The memories created this week
2. FINALLY hearing about our loan so that we can start organising a car for me
3. Getting our Christmas shopping started (yes, I said started…)
4. Smiles from my Little Man 🙂 Too cute
5. Clarity



  1. So lucky! And I love the Christmas header you have made, clever lady!

  2. It was such a lovely day… There are a few things that I remember that made it extra special for me!

    Watching James dry your hair for you in Zohan style

    Getting the chance to talk together about everything and nothing while we rode the bus, walked the streets down to Circular Quay, and waited in that massive crowd for Oprah to appear.

    But the BEST thing for me was watching how much you were enjoying yourself… knowing how good it was for you to be there.

    It is a special day I got to spend with you Becky, that I will always treasure. I love you.



  3. Oooh, I feel teary just reading about it. What an AMAZING experience 🙂

  4. Fantastic!

    And I LOVE your Christmas header. x

  5. Just had to come over from your Gratitude page to read this one…being a fellow Oprah fan. I love her generous spirit and loved reading your post describing the type of person I really hoped she was. I am glad for you that it was a fantastic day with your mum…have a wonderful, merry and joyful Christmas!!

  6. Wow! Thanks for posting this. I so desperately wanted tickets but I'm glad I got to read your post, it made me feel just a tiny bit closer to Oprah! I'm so glad you had such a great time and that it has had such a positive impact on you!

  7. What a fantastic day for you! My best friend who is also my daughter's godmother was the ambo who treated Hugh Jackman – she was BESIDE HERSELF with the excitement of having talked to Oprah. Sounded like a brilliant day – how amazing that you were there!!!


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