Is There Such a Thing?

Could it be possible to spend too much time blogging, building your blog’s community, reading other blogs and generally floating around the blogosphere? I would have said no until tonight…

… When my dad received a Christmas gift from!

Do you spend too much time in blogland?

Today I am grateful for:

1. Nearing the end of our Christmas shopping. In fact we have an idea of what to get everyone, which is a step in the right direction

2. Jasper being too young to realise he should be scared of Santa, so that I could get a photo of him with the man
3. Meeting Jo – My dad’s friend who makes him so happy
4. Books
5. Being an adult who has no problem logging off in this Social Networking, constantly connected world (even if it is only for a little while)



  1. that's hilarious!

  2. Oh, Becky, just read my posts about being a blogoholic! And on that note, I *must* turn off this computer and get to bed! J x

  3. What a crack up!!!

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