Mean Mumma

After our recent visit to Santa and the reaction the girls had, I became convinced I would never ever have a Santa photo with any of my children. Especially when the mere mention of him had Ellie on edge.

So, when we found ourselves on numerous shopping trips with only one child and walking past Santa quite often I had a brilliant idea. We were shopping with the only child not afraid of the Jolly Man. What a perfect opportunity. When I relayed my wonderful plan to James he looked at me like I was some type of monster.

I explained my position that Jasper wasn’t afraid because he was too young to know he should be, making this possibly the only chance I would ever have to get a Santa snap and the best part was that we could take our own.

We debated over the weekend about whether or not having our 5 week old baby sit on a strange man’s lap was really a good idea or not. It was practically a battle to the death. I wanted that photo like you wouldn’t believe and James was certain I was being terrible by merely contemplating the idea.

Late yesterday afternoon, after what was to be our last dash to the shops before we head home I decided to go for it. James had to actually take the photos since he wasn’t willing to go near to hand over the bub. Admittedly, I felt quite nervous myself and I suppose now would be the time to disclose that I’ve only had a Santa photo once in my life – with my great grandfather, who I watched dress in his suit and I still freaked…

Still, I handed over my slumbering Little Man.

And I will treasure my one Santa photo always!

Today I am grateful for:

1. My brother being back in Australia, safe and sound
2. My lovely husband winning a car at auction for me today
3. Finding James a Christmas present – he knows what it is, but this year I will simply have to deal with that and be happy that Christmas morning wont see him with nothing…
4. Offers
5. Alone time with Kahlei, shopping for James’s pressie
6. Kahlei being ‘freed’ from the bedroom where she locked herself in, instead of sleeping earlier this evening



  1. Nice one! Go the slumbering Santa shot!!

    I ended up in the Santa shot AGAIN this year. I don't know why I didn't arrive wearing a full face of make-up and my Sunday Best… but I didn't. When will I learn!?!


  2. what a gorgeous photo. Last year my then 18month old refused so my older 2 girls had one, this year the now 2 and half year old I thought might be happy, nup and Iwas a crul mummy who made her sit with older sisters on saNtas chair whilsthe stood next to them. Popping over form Scissors paper rock

  3. Not so cruel. Jasper is sleeping, not screaming. It's all good! And your Christmas header is adorable! Merry Christmas Becky and to all of your beautiful family! xx

  4. Oh, and I just noticed you have EXACTLY 100 followers. Happy anniversary. I hope you celebrate! xx

  5. Awww…your first Santa photo 🙂 How precious!! And I know what you mean about treasuring it 🙂 This is my daughter's 3rd Christmas…and every year I've attempted Santa photos…and every year it's been a stressful, dramatic disaster! But this year, we managed a smile, a chat & A PHOTO!!! Yahoooooo!!!! We've framed the photo for evidence LOL!!
    Merry Christmas Lovely Girl, thanks for linking up!!

  6. My 5 year old completely freaks in close proximity to Santa. I have a photo of Santa holding her when she was 4 weeks old, which I bring out every year because that will be the only one we ever have 🙂

    You're definitely not mean!

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