WHAT a day!

Today I am grateful for:

1. My car – which we bought at Auction yesterday and picked up today. She’s beautiful and exactly what I needed
2. Leanne @ Springwood Commonwealth Bank, who FINALLY actually helped us and gave us the customer service nobody else could be bothered to give with our ‘same day’ loan after 11 days
3. Surviving driving in the city alone with the kids. Had a panic attack, nearly had a meltdown and felt claustrophobic but managed to get through it without going mental
4. Today being over – it was long and stressful
5. My bed, which is calling my name right now

Night night!

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  1. New Car – happy & safe traveling.
    I hate driving in Sydney alone too – I get so lost even with the stupid GPS.

  2. Ilove this sometimes it is great to think about what we are grateful for. sydney driving scares me too. You must not live to far from me. I live at the foot of the Blue mountians. Exciting seeing other bloggers that live close by

  3. I do Not even attempt driving in the city, thats my hubby's job lol. its a bit to busy for me..

    Loving the things you are grateful for.
    hubby and i are still discussing the sex of our new car lol.

  4. Big day for you! Amazing to get decent customer service from a bank. The CBA none other! A true Christmas miracle 🙂

    Have a wonderful Christmas period, and thanks for stopping by my blog (I am waaaaay behind with catching up with people as you can see).

    Signing off tomorrow so catch you in 2011!

  5. Trish – I managed to get lost with the GPS, too. Three times!!
    Jill – We were only passing through Springwood, actually. We're further down the South Coast. I sure would like to discover bloggers close to me for meets and such!
    Jane – Normally, it's James's job too. It was horrible! I think my car's a girl and am just trying to name her now!

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