Christmas Highlights

I have been writing this post for three nights now. Night three and I’ve finally got a sentence. There’s this Little Man who simply hasn’t let me have any time to blog – or much of anything – without him attached to me.

I was going to write a lovely post about our beautiful Christmas full of early mornings, good food, family, laser dancing, Peppermint Bark and gifts… however, now I am over it and too tired to remember the words I had chosen to describe our holiday. So, instead I am going to post some piccies.

Our Christmas spans many days and a few different locations. Christmas morning was hosted by James and I for my Mum + two youngest brothers, Uncle Max and Uncle Caleb.

 Our Santa for the day came with a deep Christmas message

Strange gifts (undies)
Our Santa also won an Oscar for his ‘surprise’ at the gift I gave him
Since Christmas Day was our first hot day in ages the girls HAD to drink from the tank

After a hearty brekkie of bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast and croissants and some time spent enjoying our gifts James and I packed up the children and whisked them off to Grandma’s;
 For more food + pressies
 Cuddles with chicks

 And some Scrappy time
Once we were suitably stuffed we piled back in the car, did a quick pack and whisked up to Great Nan and Great Grandpa’s two hours away for Christmas dinner, which we didn’t eat until after 9pm (our stomachs probably were relieved with the delay). Then James, Uncle Max, Aunty Case and I took Ellie light looking.

 Where Ellie got special treatment and was allowed to ride Santa’s slay for some photos
 And we danced in the laser lights
 Boxing Day is traditionally when my mum’s family gather for Christmas, so that’s what we did.

 It was quite tiring for some of us

 Welcome to the Ellie + Case cooking show

where Peppermint Bark was on the menu

After being taunted by the pile of pressie under the tree for hours, we sat for the giving, which is always opened with my grandfather doing a round up of the year and giving us a theme for the next. As he was telling us next year’s motto of “Look toward Heaven in twenty-eleven” Kahlei decided she’d had enough of the talking and stood in the middle of the room demanding ‘pwesents’, stamping her foot and folding her arms. It was funny and mortifying all at the same time!

When asked if they’d been good (for a ‘bonus’ present) Kahlei promptly forgot her previous ‘pressie tanty’
The day after Boxing Day we played cards before going home, I had a ‘helper’:
How was your Christmas?



  1. Im tired just reading your post hehehe we had a fantastic relaxed Christmas lots of presents, food, smiles and laughter 🙂

  2. Wow, you had a full plate! But truly, I enjoyed the post and the photos as you seemed to have a great time nonetheless. Liking the words on Santa's shirt and grandpa's line "look to heaven in 2011". Good night!

  3. Goodness me – talk about packing a lot in 🙂
    And as for those xmas lights! No one in our neighbourhood did anything even close to that!

  4. Great pictures! Love that chickie!

  5. Sounds like a very special past few days for you guys!

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