Wrapping up 2010 with a Little Fun

New Years! by byBecky featuring amrita singh jewelry

Today, I thought I would play along with Danimezza’s Polly Dolly and show you what I would love to be wearing tonight, along with a messy pony tail and some glam make up, for New Year’s Eve. Now, if you know me you’re probably having a ‘What the?’ moment, because I don’t do glam. I don’t do dresses. Other than a slap on of make up I don’t do much of anything. And since having kids I’ve been known just throw my hair in a band without so much as running a brush through it. Sometimes, we just have days like that.

However, since my first ‘Shopping for Oprah’ experience my attitude has started to change. While searching for the perfect outfit I found myself looking at clothes I would not normally. I found myself trying on pieces in colours other than black. I’ve rarely worn anything other than black since I was a teen. Possibly because I once heard it was slimming. 

I found myself obsessing about shoes. Whatever would I wear? I took heed of the advice to go for comfortable shoes (well, at least until the day) and didn’t buy any of the high heels, pumps or boots I found myself eyeing off.  Now, when I glance at my collection (if you can call a maximum of 4 pairs a collection) of sneakers and thongs I feel somewhat wistful. I don’t want to go crazy and become shoe mad, but I would like one (or two) pairs of something just a little sexy.

It seems 2010 has been the year to make me aware of  appearance in one way or another. If you’ve been following along with my 52 Weeks Project then you would know I am not one who likes having photographs taken of me. Normally, I am the one behind the camera. However, I saw this project as a way to record myself for my children, grow my photography skills, be creative in a different way, knock off one of my 101 in 1001 (one more month and I will have) and maybe just find a little of myself. And with 25 weeks down I am happily still going along.

 Christmas Pic

NYE 2010 Pic

I have big plans for my project in 2011, plans that are part of my way to ward off my PND and help me feel better about myself. Things like wearing bright, happy colours like I have in today’s photo (which, by the way, was taken on my iPhone and I added a filter in Instagram – if you don’t have it you should, I am loving it!) – a simple move that keeps me feeling light and happy.

2010 has had many highs and lows for us, the best thing being the birth of our gorgeous baby boy, Jasper, of course. It’s funny (though not in a haha way) how such a wonderful event can lead to some very dark days. This month I’ve tried to keep my mind on the positives and find five things I’m grateful for daily. Some days it’s easy to rattle off many things I am grateful for. Other days it’s a struggle to even remember to breathe let alone see the good things through the frustration, exhaustion and tribulations. 

This year has also been a big year in terms of beckyandjames.com as this is the first year I have treated it as a blog as apposed to a ‘journal’ and it’s the first time I have really stepped out from my little space here into the wider blogosphere to find friendship and support. It’s the first time I have felt and understood the ‘community‘ that can grow from a blog and I am so glad to have. 

Alright, I suppose it’s time to sign off for 2010. See you in the new year!



  1. Happy New Year Becky 🙂

  2. A very happy new year – from our little family to yours 🙂

  3. Happy New Year Becky – great post; it sounds like your 2011 will be positive and exciting and I look forward to following it! Take care xx
    P.S My 101 is posted… #78 TICK!

  4. Welcome, thanks for playing!
    Love the dress and shoes, so flirty and fun

  5. Love the Clothes you picked out.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Happy new year Becky! May this be the year of bright colours and fun shoes.

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