Wordless Wednesday: Hubby Cooks

Steak topped with prawns + creamy sauce, garlic potatoes and salad



  1. I love your work James!!!

  2. Thank you 🙂

  3. This is on the menu when you come live with me I hope?????

    Looks delicious!!!

  4. Only if you're a good girl… So probably not :p

  5. hmmm

  6. Oh prawns…how I miss thee already! (the suspected culprit of my new allergy).
    Those potatoes look outstanding as well – actually I think guys cook better potatoes than girls because they really do need quite a lot of oil/butter/fat-of-some-description to make them good. Or perhaps that just the case in my house 🙂

  7. Not just in your house, Cate, James is a potato cooker extraordinaire. It's quite frustrating for me that he can whip up a beautiful meal when he decides to cook where as I serve him sub-standard meals on a nightly basis 🙁
    On the up side, when he does cook, it's amazing!
    I hope it's not prawns you're allergic to, that would be horrible and so sad!

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