For Lori + Family

One of the things I have come to love about the blogging community I participate in is the support and compassion, the banding together of people across the country, across the world, when another of our bloggy friends is in need. When the call to action is sent, these amazing women (and men) rally around, even if they’ve never met before and do amazing things.

And so, today, we find ourselves sending our thoughts and prayers to Lori of Random Ramblings of a SAHM. Many of you will have read Lori’s most recent post, but if you haven’t and you haven’t seen the out-pouring of love, thoughts and support then you won’t know that her husband is in the intensive care unit right now fighting for his life. Together she and Toni have two small children. Children who need their daddy. A wife who needs her husband.

At this time, the reason for Tony’s hospitalisation is unknown to us in the blogosphere, but what we do know is that Lori needs whatever we can give. Her children need whatever we can give. And Tony needs whatever we can give.

So, please, if you are the praying type – pray. If you are not, send positive thoughts. If you’re a blogger, link up to today’s special FlogYoBlog Friday and let Lori and her family know they are in your thoughts today.

If you want to help on a more practical level, then a donations are being made through paypal, you can donate below.

Lori – While I don’t ‘know’ you I feel like I do. I stalk your blog and you entertain me so often. My heart is heavy for you and your darling children and I am praying. Praying like you wouldn’t believe. I hope you can feel the support we’re all sending you and that it helps even a little. I hope it helps to keep you strong xo



  1. She has been a wonderful ray of sunshine for me too (on some very long nights).

  2. Beautiful. I feel so honoured to be a part of this community – watching these events unfold, watching something amazing happen from something so terrible gives me shivers.

    Thanks for posting the widget x

  3. Never met her too but been following her blog. Here's wishing tomorrow will bring good news.

  4. Sending all the positive vibes, prayers and well wishes that I can 🙁
    Hopefully it all works out okay for her and her kidlets

  5. Beautiful post. x

  6. very interesting, thanks

  7. Just beautiful. Such kind words! x

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