Wordless Wednesday: Light a Candle

Today I lit a candle when the children went to bed. For Tony. For Lori. For their children. For the people lost in the QLD floods and for those who have lost them.

It’s been an emotionally draining, stress inducing week for me – I  can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like for those in the thick of it.



  1. Quite a week 'eh…

  2. And what a beautiful light it is. It's been a dark week, hasn't it? xx

  3. I lit a candle too – and I'm praying for those who are in the middle of the flood areas.
    Mother nature has mysterious ways.

  4. A heartfelt post. The collage is the perfect image for the sentiment.

  5. It's been a crap week and the rain is still going. We might all need some blue legs to cheer us up.

  6. I just first visited Lori's blog thanks to your post. How heartbreaking.

    Thanks for helping us remember to send good thoughts to those who need them so badly.

  7. A most heartfelt and sincere post. I know what you mean, Becky. I am struggling with all this grief as well. J x

  8. A beautiful image after a terrible week in so many ways. May a spark of hope be lit in the hearts of those who need it.

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