We Play: Blocks

This week we’re not being very creative in our play. I took all three children with me for Jasper’s needles last week and should have known better because the girls managed to catch something and give it to Jasper and I. So, I feel like death now that they’re on the mend.

Luckily, they both have a renewed love for their wooden block set. Ellie, in particular is enjoying building, sorting and recognising letters as she sits quietly to play. Kahlei builds, knocks down and repeats.

I just love the concentration and seeing their play evolve.
Today my favourite part of Ellie’s play, other than the fact that she was quiet for so long, was when she decided Jasper should be a part of what she was doing. She found the J block to show him and told him it was ‘J for Jasper’. It was a tear in the eye moment for me.

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  1. It doesn't take long before they want to include the little one in their game – and not too long after that before the little one wants to join in!!
    PS: how big is Jasper getting OMG!!

  2. I love that she's including him. He has gotten SO big recently. He was 4.6kg on his last weigh and to me he looks sooo big. There are still people who think he's tiny, though!

  3. Awww – gorgeous pics 🙂

    How old is Jasper? He looks so alert for a 4.6 kg baby!

  4. Jess, Jasper is 9 weeks old. He is a very alert bub, he has been since birth. He probably doesn't want to miss anything his sisters might do, lol

  5. Back to basics is always a great way to play. How gorgeous is baby Jasper!

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