Things My Kids Have Taught Me

Today Jasper is 9 weeks old and tomorrow will mark 3 years, 5 months since Ellie made her entrance into the world and this Mumma was born, so I thought it about time I shared the important lessons my children have taught me thus far. The things you don’t get told before that first bub blesses you with their presence.

Without further ado, things my children have taught me (in no particular order);

1. Everything tastes better if it has been dunked in your drink first or your drink has been tipped in your plate
2. Things taste even better, best even, if you roll it in the dirt
3. Good jokes never, ever go out of style and never lose their appeal (High five, mirror Case)
4. Having a sister (or two) is the best
5. Having a brother is pretty cool, too. Except his peanuts. They’re gross
6. You have to be careful what you say early on, swears are picked up much quicker than anything else – ‘aw, cwap’ may be funny the first time, not so much the times after that
7. Favourite movies MUST be watched to death, until a new favourite is found
8. Farts are funny. Yours, mine, hers. And it’s okay to ask perfect strangers if they just farted
9. Tiny noses and chubby cheeks are totally, ridiculously and additively kissable
10. If Mumma is sick and needs sleep and rest then bubs won’t sleep a wink. Pretty sure it’s some kind of rule
11. Cleaning is futile. Two little whirl winds follow me around and undo whatever I have just done – in half the time it took me to do it
12. Daddy is entirely too interesting and demands all night-time-sitting-on-the-couch-feeds attention. So much so that any bub will forget to actually suckle, but will not forget to whinge that they’re not being fed
13. Children have an inbuilt playground radar
14. Three year olds have amazing memories. Especially on things you don’t want them to remember
15. Stupid noisy toys need to be played with all day everyday until they ‘disappear’
16. There’s a transition stage between nappies and being toilet trained, where some toddlers change their own nappies. Gotta love thinking they’re asleep only to go in and discover poo everywhere
17. If you can use it they can do it better, learn it faster and before long they’re teaching you how your phone works
18. Today’s favourite meal is tomorrow’s food aversion
19. Colour coordination is the key – Ellie is pink, Kahlei has been dubbed green and Jasper, blue (all by Ellie)
20. If you’re three and you have a two year old sister, you are automatically the boss. You can put her to bed, take her dummy, give her a time out and she will not think anything of it
21. “Cuddles make you better.” Ellie tells me this when I look down or have a bad day. So true

These are but a few memorable life lessons I have learnt. I know there’s still so much more they will enlighten me on.

What have your kids taught you lately?



  1. burping and saying bum (and butt) are hilarious…no matter how many times mum tells you it's not…

  2. I love these, they are brilliant and so very true. I can relate to many and a few even had me in fits of laughter!!

  3. Love it!
    #7 and #20 are so so true in our house 🙂

  4. Just fab, Becky. I have been pondering doing a similar theme of posts – there's always so more to learn from them, isn't there? J x

  5. MY CHILDREN have taught me that even though I'm 49 and they're between 27 and 15 – I'm the child and they're the parent. I apparently don't know how to look after myself.

    But it's only because they love me… Right Beck??

  6. @Cate – Ahh, yes! Bum is quite the hilarious word. Ellie thinks her ability to burp on demand is a riot, too. Little blessings that they are xo
    @Carly – Thank you 🙂 They often have me in fits of laughter with their little… strange things!
    @Philippa – #20 is such a big surprise to me, I remember when I told my brothers what to do it was horrendous but Kahlei will happily go along with being told what to do! Go figure!
    @Jane – Oh they do. Every day you learn something new.
    @Mumeroo – Well, that's a good lesson too 😉 And YES it's only because we love you. So, so much xo

  7. Hehe.. I am nodding along as I read! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Becky. What an inspiration you are, three under three…! and they look adorable. Im looking forward to following your blog.

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