{52 Weeks} Week 28: Blogger

I love my blog. I love the blogosphere.

I love that I am able to speak frankly here, share my struggles and joys with people who understand. It is so therapeutic.

The support I’ve received. Amazing. The things I’ve seen this community do for others. Amazing. I am so proud to be a Mummy Blogger.

Tonight, I would just like to ask a favour. There is a brand new blogger who is close to my heart and could use some virtual hugs tonight. My mum could use a bit of support. She’ll probably kill me for this, but I know the power of your comments. I know how your words can lift me up and I want her to feel the love, too.

Mumma – I love you. You are a strong and amazing woman. 2011 is going to be better. I promise xo



  1. Aren't you just the nicest?!

    Miss Becky you need to get yourself a button so I can put it in my sidebar! (Unless you already have one and I'm blind???)

  2. My sweet Becka – yes me first thought was "I'm going to kill you"… But not really.

    Because I read this AFTER I read the comments from lovely ladies that had dropped by my pathetic attempt at blogging – And you're right about the power of other people commenting and lifting you up.

    Thank you for being an amazing and caring daughter, but also for being my closest friend. I wouldn't have made it through last year without you.

  3. @Glowless – Aww shucks! I have just redone my button… it's way down under the archives. But, I don't know how to do that box where you grab the html, so it's just the button.
    @Mumeroo – Thank goodness you'd read the comments first. I wouldn't want to have been killed for this 😉 Love you xo

  4. I'll be right over! It will be a treat to meet your mum!!! x

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