Today I am Grateful for You Guys

Yesterday, I asked a small favour. Thank you so those of you who went over and supported my mum. And a special thank you to those of you who went a step further and followed her. You won’t regret it, I promise! I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful, warm and caring community.
** And I am grateful to those of you who took up my Pay It Forward challenge! Thank you a million times. If there’s anyone else out there who wants to join, I still have once spot…

Today, I am also grateful for:

1. My Bubba Moe sling. We went to town and while James had a haircut The Three and I wandered around the shops, walked by the water, which Ellie so loves to do and had a generally lovely time. With Jasper all cozy in Mumma’s pouch, Kahlei in her pram and Ellie holding my hand it was a smooth outing that left me refreshed and empowered. I CAN get out of the house with three children under 3 and a half and it CAN be easy, relaxed and wonderful.

2. Cakes tasting good even if they look like a disaster

3. The joyous laughter of tickles at bedtime. It might be revving them up, but how can I  not adore the fun of the three of them? So cute, I just have to share another photo!

4. Instagram. Loving it. If you have an iPhone and don’t use it you should and if you DO use it I should be following you!

What are you grateful for today?
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  1. no, cakes taste even better when they are a bit disasterous – you don't have to fuss and decorate and cut them neatly. Just a cuppa in one hand and a chunk of cakey goodness in the other…mmmmm

    have a great weekend with your scrummy kiddys

  2. Instagram and Hipstamatic are the reasons I want an iPhone!

    I missed your post yesterday but I'll go and say hi to your mum!!


  3. LOL I think cake wrecks are the best.
    I love tickles & laughs at bedtime too. What a great way to end the day.
    Can you use Instragram on an ipod touch ?

    Ps I am already in a PIF and I have 4 spots to fill on mine 🙁 .
    I posted it yesterday and didn't get a single comment till today.
    If not I'll make & donate it to a cause.

    I think it is such an awesome idea but ten would be pushing it for me too.

  4. Such a beautiful lists. You are a very stylish blogger 🙂 I missed your posted yesterday too – will check it out. (had a non blog day time yesterday 🙂

  5. I keep hearing about instagram, maybe I should be checking it out

  6. Hahaha – thats the ONLY way I make cakes! Really enjoying following your blog and am thrilled your Mum is getting involved too, it is a pleasure to be a part of both your lifes journey.
    Slings and front packs are the BEST..!
    Thanks too for your comments and support; means the world. Don't be jealous yet… after the investment of time and $ I'm now feeling the presure to make it work and its very scary!
    Take care, chat soon x

  7. P.S I think I am the only person in the world who does not have an iphone….!

  8. I missed your post about your mum and I'll go visit her 😉 and my life is now complete with the hispstamatic app on my iphone. Love your photos, such beautiful memories created. Have a lovely weekend x

  9. Thank you again, all who visited my mum from this – it really lifted her up, which lifts me up. Seeing her happy is so important to me xo

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