Breaking Point

One of the nicer moments of the weekend. Jasper loves his Lamaze Octopus and I have a feeling it might just be the first thing he giggles at. He was working on a chuckle yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately, this beautiful moment was surrounded by his constant crying which has continued on into today. The day starts well, until Ellie or Kahlei scream (tantrum or excitement, doesn’t matter) and wake him and if he doesn’t get the chance to resettle back to sleep then it’s on. He gets too tired and cries. He becomes exhausted and cries.

And I am at that point. I can’t stand it anymore, I have to walk away from the room and leave him. I’m tired and sick and stressed, so these past two days of never-ending, desperate wailing have strained my patience. Not to mention the two girls who seem to have a ‘Jasper’s-gone-to-sleep-must-wake-him’ alarm. Seriously.

I also spent the weekend wistfully remembering when ‘weekend’ meant that at least one day out of the two was different to every. other. day of the week. When ‘weekend’ meant that I got to have a sleep in one day. How I miss that type of weekend. How I need a sleep in.

What did you do on the weekend?
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  1. Ah, not a good day, Becky, you poor darling. Can you get some time out for even a couple of hours to clear some headspace? J x

  2. oh dear…sending a big hug your way xx

  3. My #1 was an endless crier. She would also only sleep for 15 minutes at a time during the day (and up to 2 hrs at night). Needless to say I know *exactly* where you are at.
    I used to put her safely in her cot and go and take a shower if I really needed to 'get away'. You can't hear anything with your head under the shower. Just a few minutes release to relax 🙂

  4. Becky over and above everything else, I hope you are ok and have support. If not, please, please email me. you aren't alone xxx

  5. hugs xx I hear you I am sick right now and just wish i could have a few days alone to get well 🙁 Does he like baths? at least he might stay quiet in it for a little bit 🙂

  6. big hug to you Becky!

  7. Sorry to hear that you were having a bad day. I hope today is shaping up to be a better one for you all. Deep breaths…this won't last forever, It will get better, you are a great mum doing the best you can and your kids love you for that (even when they are being little monsters).. xx

  8. Thank you, lovelies. I so appreciate all your words of support and encouragement xo

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