We Play: Stories

On Friday night I asked James if I could buy a vision/inspiration/affirmation board, unfortunately we’re sorting, purging and packing to move so it was decided I would wait but because I feel a serious need to have a visual way to relax, calm down and focus I decided to make a vision ‘file’ out of a manila folder.

At nap time yesterday, I got the folders and and promptly got waylaid creating a book each for my girls. I covered a manila folder for each of them and then added paper, cardboard and dividers. I took inspiration from a recent post over at House of Baby Piranha and added handles. I put it all together with some ring binders so that we can put more in their ‘books’ and left them out for them to find.

They’ve been drawing, writing, sticking, gluing and carrying them all over the house and I have to admit I was feeling pretty clever, especially as it was giving me a little bit of quiet and some time where I could pack and clean without having two little whirlwinds undo what I had just done (I know, I am a genius)! It wasn’t too long before Ellie came to me and, as she does every day, made me realise my ‘clever’ idea was nowhere near as amazing as what Ellie did with it.

She put her little hand in mine and asked if I would sit on the couch so she could tell me about her drawings. And so I sat. She perched herself next to me and started “Once upon a time” and told me a story about a girl who got run over. It had morals and all. At the last page she said “and so we have to drive carefully. The end.” Bless her.

And so it has gone, both girls carrying their books around, drawing when it takes their fancy and updating me on the story they are creating.



  1. oh my goodness – that is absolutely amazing! You are amazing (& yes, SUPER clever) and what a remarkable little girl you have too!

  2. Good luck on your move and may their interest in their books continue! 🙂

  3. Oh, I can't wait for them to start telling me stories.

    You really are brilliant!!!

  4. How sweet! And a great idea :o)

  5. Love It!

  6. Because all good stories have such important messages 🙂 I love that you sat and listened.

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