So Grown Up…

This past weekend has really opened my eyes to just how grown up Ellie is. From her switching the lights on and off without a stool, to getting up and letting the cat out every morning and getting herself drinks of water. Then there are things like how she calls Kahlei “Sweetheart” in a soft, motherly tone or how she cuddles and soothes Jasper.

It’s amazing to me that not even three and a half years ago this Little Lady was just like Jasper. Tiny, helpless and totally reliant on me. Just another reminder of how fast time really goes.

For some time now, I have been thinking about interviewing her and posting her answers and this seems like the perfect time for such a post;

Hi Ellie!
Good morning Mumma.
Do you want to answer some questions for me? Yea
What’s your favourite colour? Pink
What’s your favourite food? P’sketti, Mum. What’s your favourite colour? Green
What’s your favourtie song? Funhouse
What book do you love to read? Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy
Why is Hairy Maclary your favourite book? ‘Coz it is z
Can you tell me a joke? Okaaay, I can tell you…. Cat Bom (bum)
What’s the bet thing that’s happened this year? Um, if I have a good sleep I can have a star (our new behaviour chart)
What do you want to be when you grow up? A mon… A bunny
Why do you want to be a bunny when you grow up? So I can so some hopping
What is your favourite toy? My iPhone (an old PDA we gave her)
What is your favourite shape? A star
What animal do you love? An ele-phant
What are you looking forward to this year? Doing some gluing and some painting too 
What do you love to do most? Some painting
Can you tell me a story? Kahlei bumped her head on the blinds and she hurt herself and she cried. That’s a story.
Is there anything else you’d like to tell me? I like to watch the telly all day (they don’t) and uhm, I falled over last night while I helped Daddy (said while sadly looking at her grazed knee from the incident)
Thank you! Can we do this again next year? Yep

What question would you ask your 3 year old?
This is also my Blog This: Challenge 67 post



  1. Where did the time go hey? It's so scary! I was watching my eldest lad turn into a boy in what seems like overnight. Love her answers. ADORABLE!

  2. That's so cute! I'd ask the three year old I looked after what people's jobs were and to explain what a kangaroo is. He told me his mummy's job was to "get angry and yell at me but still love me even though I'm naughty" Daddy's job was to get in the car, drive to the park and play all day.

    After I told him about all the animals in Australia he pointed out a funny, scruffy looking dog and told his mum it was a kangaroo.

    It's so funny seeing the world from their perspective.

  3. Love her interview that's so cute.
    Gorgeous photo.

  4. She's just gorgeous. I love the interview!

  5. Gorgeous Interview and photo.

  6. That is such a beautiful photo! And her interview is cute too!

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