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Firstly, I would like to announce that today I am guest posting over at Louisa’s blog, Everything is Edible. I am so excited and it is a post which is close to my heart about my Little Man growing up, so I would be very appreciative if you could pop over and have a read and say thanks to the lovely Louisa (and of course, leave some love for me).

Yesterday I had the real estate agent come and take photos for putting our house on the market. I was feeding Jasper as he was screaming bloody murder when she arrived and I didn’t get to see exactly what they took, so I decided to go around and take a few myself.

As I wandered around snapping away I got to thinking about how much work we’ve put into this place. I hated practically every moment of the renovation process but what we’ve created is just perfect for us – apart from the fact that it’s too small for a family of five with three very young children.

I thought I would share some before pictures James took when he first looked at it and the ones I took yesterday and give you a little tour.

Thank you for visiting 😉
Now, would you like to make an offer…



  1. Beautiful job Becky! We're renovating atm and have 3 small ones as well. NEVER AGAIN (until the kids leave home anyway) It's so much hard work. Luckily we won't be moving any time soon!! Good luck with the house sale – you've done a wonderful job.

  2. Wow, nice job! Must be so hard to leave after putting in all the hard work!

  3. Your house look AMAZING!

  4. Before and after shots are great aren't they? We're still in the final stages of our reno (in fact I think we always will be ) and I like to look at the shots of the "old" place to see how far we've come. I bet it will be a wrench to leave it.

  5. I'd buy it, but I don't have any money and I don't want to move to Moruya…

    Apart from that, I'd buy it!!!

  6. But your after photo of the back garden doesn't do it ANY justice. You should do an album just on that. James did a fantastic job of making it into a lovely place to sit and enjoy!!!

  7. You've done such a great job! But I've moved 8 times since moving to melb, and we think we have finally settled down a bit. So, no 🙂

  8. Thank you all xo
    Mumeroo – it's true that my photo DOES NOT do the garden justice.
    Cate – completely crushed you don't want to buy it, hehe 😉

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