Perfectly Pink

A week or so ago Sarah of Ah, the possibilities! shared what she has in her bag in her What’s in yours? post. I love a good sticky beak and I have always loved those ‘articles’ in magazines where they tell you what’s in a celebrities handbag and from time to time I have thought about posting the same type of thing here, only to look in my handbag and realise it was full of nappies, rash cream, breast pads, changes of clothes, sultanas and various little things to entertain little people.

Once my bag was a reflection of me, but for three and a bit years it has simply said “Mum”. Since getting my long awaited, desperately wanted DSLR I have been working a two bag operation. Depending on where I’m going, who I’m taking and how long we might be I either pop my wallet, phone and a camera in the baby bag or put nappies and snacks in the camera bag. And when we might be a long while with the possibility of needing to photograph something I take both.

During the weekend I dumped the contents of my camera bag to see what I was actually carting around (not for a post, just because I am one of those people who ends up carrying around everything + the kitchen sink as I am forever putting things in that I never take out);

Here’s the rundown: Canon 550D + lens, tripod, wallet, puffer, usb, earphones, iPhone, Rennie (left over from my pregnancy),  micro fibre cloth, spare camera battery, pen, drawing Ellie did for me, lip gloss, cables, the mask James wore when I had Jasper (?) and 5 cents (I’m officially rich!)
Boring. But, it gave me the chance to reassess what I had packed. I put the five cent piece in my wallet and repacked everything. 
Ellie was involved in all this, we talked about what I had and why I had it and while I repacked she disappeared, only to arrive back with her “Spark-a-lee Pink Bag” which Nanna bought her before Christmas. She has many, many bags but this one is by far her favourite. It will often come shopping with us and she loves the ‘disco’ it makes when the sun shines on the sparkly disks.
“My turn!” She announced before dumping her contents. I love her bag. It’s perfectly girly, which is just perfect for my pink, frilly girl. And the contents were equally as perfect.
In her bag, Ellie had: a wallet, two phones (one which she calls her iPhone, but is actually an old PDA we gave her), keys, a Smiggle rubber, sunnies, a hair band, one of my old driver’s licences (from the dress up box) and a little notepad. 
I love this insight into her. I often watch her pack and unpack it, but we’ve never been through it like this before. We talked about the contents of her bag, obviously most are straight forward but I was curious about the notepad. 
When I asked she replied “For my research.” But, of course! Since then I have seen her toting around her pad with a crayon, making notes and ‘researching’. It makes me sigh with content.
She’s such a little lady.



  1. She is such a cutie!

    I go though fazes sometimes i will use a bag for awhile then i get sick of being the 'pack horse' so i give it up and make sure i wear clothes with pockets. 😉

    I'm not currently being the 'pack horse' but when i was, it contained very similar items with maybe a few more half eaten biscuits, toys, and bandaids 🙂

  2. Haha love it! I think it's great that you take time out to have these little interviews with her. I am sure you will all look back one day and be so thankful that you did. It's scary how technology minded this generation of kids are, makes me think I need to get on top of it now.. 🙂

  3. I'm so glad she likes the bag. I love watching the girls walk around with their bags.

  4. "For my research." Hahaha. Very cute 🙂

    It's amazing how quickly children copy adults; pretending to talk on the phone, gestures…. handbag contents!

    And a microfibre cloth! I love that you think to carry one of those!

  5. You could have an award winning journo on your hands there =)


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