Our Frangipani – Finally Flowering

One of the things I want to pursue this year is my photography. I want to explore, grow and create. And I want to know if there is a future in this dream of mine.

I love to take photographs. To capture the world through my eyes. Through my lens. And, of course, I could endlessly snap away where my kids are concerned, however, I really want to be more.

I have a RedBubble account. I’m not sure how long it has been active; awhile and I’ve never had a sale. Rarely even a comment. I occasionally go there now to upload something else, but I feel so disappointed when I am there because I want people to want my photographs.

I want this to be my purpose outside of being a wife, mother, home maker. I just don’t know if it is. I suppose that is what this whole year is about… I wish I had more patience.

I’ve created an album on the FB page with some images I am soon to upload to RedBubble, along with some of my 52 Week shots, feel free to take a look and ‘like’ us while you’re there.

What is your purpose? What do you want it to be?



  1. I'm actually counting my blessings at the moment that I found a job in my chosen vocation in a good school really close to my house (and the hours I wanted too).
    I love being a wife and mother, but I need something outside of that and teaching gives me that little extra I'm looking for.

    As for your photography (which is soooo truely gorgeous btw!!) have you tried stock sites like alamy? You might find you are able to sell images there??


  2. Yay for following your dreams! Just keep taking photos and learning and it's sure to happen. Off to check out your fb photos 🙂

  3. I feel your pain Becky! I feel the same almost every day; but everyone I have spoken to who has been there done that all say the same… it takes time. I believe those that rise to teh top are those that weather the storm. Don't question what you truely love, keep at it your photos are lovely!!

  4. Thank you for your support lovelies. I do find it so hard to believe in myself. And also to be patient 😉
    I will look into stock sites, Cate, I've never even thought of that kind of thing.
    And Carly, your photos are exquisit, if I had an iota of your talent I would be a happy woman.

  5. Maybe you could enter some of your photos in a competition or something. I know its a big leap but I truly think they are more than good enough.

    You could also look at getting them out there more to the offline community. Maybe like fete's or craft shows. I know things like the Royal Bathurst Show have amateur photography displays, etc. Maybe get some of them out there and see what people think, it might surprise you! =)

  6. Oh Becky you are too sweet. A note about stock site submissions; most I have looked into prefer images shot at ISO 100 with minimum noise. Lots of people get knocked back the first few times and sometimes it is just because they shot at ISO 200 + …. just a tip.
    P.S As well as photography your creativity extends to so many areas… including your very cool and stylish blog! You really need to teach ME some of your blog-smarts! This blog thing is HARD…. can I be cheeky and ask you e-mail me or do a post on how to create those dang buttons with the html link underneth? I'm so web-duh! x

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