It’s ALL About Me: Stolen Moments

Welcome to the first ever It’s ALL About Me link up. I am really excited about the concept and hope I am able to inspire other Mums out there as well as keep myself motivated to do what I need to do for ME. You can find more information about the idea behind this here.

As this is the first time I have truly focused on getting some time just for me, I went slowly. Put my feelers out, brainstormed and stole some moments out of everyday life to recharge. They were only small things, only five – ten minutes at the most, but they did help.
The first stolen moment came about quite by accident. I left James with the Munchkins and went grocery shopping. I just want to say that I never, ever consider grocery shopping ‘me’ time – even if I go by myself – I find it too stressful and am unable to wind down. 
Once I was done I made my way to the car and saw the flowers I always see and I thought, as I always do, that I would like to take some photos of them. It dawned on me that I was alone and, actually, I could stop for a minute or two and take some. 
And so I did.
A few days later, I was reading Louisa’s blog about Parenting from your strengths where she linked to a post by Lissa which inspired my next stolen moment. In my stressed shop, I had bought a roast pork without the apple sauce and James DOES NOT do pork without apple sauce. The day I put the pork on, James managed to come home early and I went out to get what he needed. 
As I left, I did not mention that I intended to take longer than normal. I did not let on that I wasn’t going straight to the shop and then rush back home like I usually do. I wanted James to know he could have all three children without the stress of knowing I was going to take my time.
And just as Lissa said she does, I first went to a local coffee shop, bought myself  a milkshake and sat to drink it. I sat. I thought. I didn’t rush. Well, not as much as normal. I did feel guilty (and once James reads this it might be the last time I get away with something like this..) and I kept thinking my phone would ring any minute and I would be busted. It didn’t. I sat. I drank. And I liked it.
Then yesterday I stole a third moment (am I getting greedy?) when both girls were in bed and Jasper and I were having a quiet chat. I decided he and I could watch some of my One Little Word class video for February since I hadn’t had the opportunity to do so before then. Jasper thought it was pretty funny and we got to watch 15 minutes uninterrupted! 
All up I managed to get a whole 30 minutes to myself in a week and I feel good about it. I feel excited that maybe I can do this thing that is important but so hard to get around to. And in a week where my Little Man has started waking more during the night and sleeping less during the day due to teething and my girls have been not well and getting me up at night as well I feel relieved that I took the time. It might just have kept me sane through it all.
Now, it’s your turn. What have you done for yourself recently?

To play along; all you need to do is link up a post focusing on what you’ve done for YOU over the past week and then visit the other participants to support their efforts.
Feel free to grab a button to add to your posts or side bar.
At the end of a month, every time you have linked up gets you an extra entry into the giveaway which is focused on YOU. Your happiness. Your time. More details will be revealed soon!



  1. I've only just come across your linky and I don't have a recent post that I can link up, unless I can link to an older post? How exactly do you link up?

    Your stolen moments are a bit like mine – 5 min here, 15 min there. There is a TV show that I record to watch and it is now the third week of the show and I am not even half way through the first week's episode 🙂

  2. Hi Tat 🙂 there is a linky at the end of the post. I would love you to join me. Feel free to link up an older one if you want – this is the first week, so I am still feeling things out.

    It's good that you manage the time! I couldn't believe how much those little moments helped me through these past few days.

  3. I had a kebab from that new place today. It was yummo, much better than a milkshake 😉

  4. Becky, I'm so glad you took the time for yourself.

    and James, it's good that you're taking 'me' time as well!!!

  5. Well, I haven't written a post about me-time to link up BUT I think this is a great idea!

  6. The last post I wrote about me time was getting a massage where the masseuse asked if I was pregnant… not really appropriate for you link, but I'll try to think of another one for you!

  7. Yea, maybe not a good one to link up! I read that post – people can be so thoughtless and rude.
    I hope you can think of something, feeling a bit like a loser here, hehe!

  8. I had my facial and Thai massage last month. It was my birthday. Yay for MeTime!

    Happy FYBF, Becky.

  9. I wish I had a post to Link Becky… but thats EXACTLY why I need to be here! If I am no tending to my babies or chores, I am working on my sites or photos. I really REALLY need to step outside this chamber I have created; hopefully I will have something next week! x

  10. Hopefully this week, I'll finally get some 'me' time and be able to link in with you. Glad to hear you're finding a little bit of that time, here and there 🙂

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