{52 Weeks} Week 31: I Wish

I wish I was able to spend a day reading leisurely, curled up on my bed, immersed in an adventure of mammoth proportions, indulging my funny bone in the Disc World or taken away to a magical world to experience sights, sounds and life in a completely different way. Just for a day.



  1. one day…promise 🙂

  2. I love your beaded bookmark! And yes, I wish for the same things:) Can you beg hubby for an hour or two? lol

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.
    So glad to have discovered and followed you!

  4. I am pretty sure that is how I spent all of my tween and teen years! And I miss it too.

  5. Every couple of months my kids dad takes them for a few days.

    Its a good chance to get to my to-do list. But I usually indulge in reading. Lots.

    But reading leads to sleeping and sleeping leads to the time running out before I have even written up a to-do list!

    What a shame :/ not really – its fun! I recommend finding a way to do it even just once or twice a year. It feels so luxurious!

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