The past few days have been busy and we have had a few firsts.

Our first house inspection, which seemed to go well. The man was quite impressed, which surprised me as I didn’t think our colour scheme would appeal to people of a certain age. It was strange having people looking through, hearing the rumble of their voices discussing our home as we hung outside. As they left, the would-be buyer’s son came to me to say thank you for letting them through. I was quite caught off guard and replied “Oh… that’s…welcome..?” Awkward. I am now hoping ‘first to see buys’ so that I don’t have to experience another uncomfortable social (or non-social as it where) situation.

My first time putting fuel in my car in three and a half years. I’m not a ‘leave you children in  the car for a moment’ type. I can’t fill up and then rush to pay while they’re in their seats, it makes me anxious. So, since having Ellie I haven’t stopped at a petrol station without my husband as the thought of filling up, getting out however many children, lining up, paying and then putting however many children back in the car (possibly after being honked and abused by the cars patiently waiting behind me as I put said children in) simply doesn’t appeal to me. Call me crazy.

It was a bit of an ordeal, too. I don’t drive with less than a quarter of a tank. I just Do. Not. So, when James sent me off with a range of 0km I was less than impressed and spent the drive (just around the corner, but that’s hardly that point) cursing him under my breath and worrying I would stop in the middle of the road.

Obviously, I survived.


We also got our first For Sale sign! We’re officially on the market. Finally!

And now, I am off to scoff at James’ new found love of Glee. (while secretly enjoying it myself).

What did you do on the weekend?



  1. You just reminded me that I want to watch this 'Thriller' episode… The ads have sucked me in. Glad to see you had a successful weekend! xx

  2. I used to have the same petrol kids in car phobia. Somewhere along the way I lost it, thank god. It was getting a bit annoying for me and restrictive. But I never fill up, just get about twenty bucks worth and run in, cash only drop it on counter and run out again. Easy.

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