It’s ALL About Me: Something New

You can find more information about the idea behind this here.
This week there were considerably less opportunities for me to take advantage of, with my poor Little Man starting to teeth and our house now (finally) on the market, most moments have been spent trying to keep the house presentable or have been interrupted by my pained baby (teething is just SO horrible).

However, when my gorgeous Inner-B Mum Organiser arrived in the mail, which I won over at Hear Mum Roar recently, I took the time to sit down and fill out the appointments we have coming up. I also went and wrote up the appointments we have had, just so it would be ‘complete’.

I love keeping a written account of appointments and daily happenings and thoughts. It’s important to me to have a physical reminder, something I can check daily without having to open the laptop. Plus, it’s so relaxing for me to sit and take the time to enter all the details.

Now, it’s your turn. What have you done for yourself recently?

Need inspiration? Check out my Top 5 Things on my ‘ME Time’ To Do List, they’re extravagant but they might get you thinking.


To play along; all you need to do is link up a post focusing on what you’ve done for YOU over the past week and then visit the other participants to support their efforts.
Feel free to grab a button to add to your posts or side bar.
If you’re not a blogger, but want to join in you can link a note, photo etc from another source (like FaceBook)
Be sure to link bask here to my post to get the word out.
At the end of a month, every time you have linked up gets you an extra entry into the giveaway which is focused on YOU. Your happiness. Your time. Want a sneak peek at something I’m giving away this month?

Also, if you clicked through to my list, then you might notice something beautifully fun and bright; not to mention practical that will be part of this month’s giveaway (well, not THAT one but another just as beautiful).



  1. Sorry I've had to add an old post again and one that everyone has probably read already (it somehow ended up being my favourite). I've been too busy with the 31dbbb to come up with something new.

  2. A lovely idea Becky I will come back and link up (I hope I remember) when I do a ME post.

  3. Becky I'm here!!!!
    Albeit 15 minutes late – I am here.
    A pathetic start really… but it's a foreign concept to me, so…. baby steps!


  4. We are about to put our house up on the market. I haven't done that yet with a child around. Ugh, I'm not looking forward to it!

  5. Becky I posted my link at 15 past midnight and its still not showing? Maybe I will try again…

  6. Tat – Don't worry about it! I am just happy you're joining in. Thank you x
    Trish – It's hard, isn't it? I am hoping this will encourage others to take the time… maybe.
    Carly – Yay and I will figure out what's going on with the linky. Thank you for joining in.
    Kristy – Good luck! I can't say I am loving it…but, I have three kiddos – one of which is THE messiest child EVER, so it might be ok!

  7. *Still thinking of something to do for ME*

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