The Top 5 on my ‘ME Time’ To Do List

Today, with my second It’s ALL About Me linky ready to go for the morning, I wanted to share the top 5 things on my ‘ME Time’ to do list. These are the things I long to do more than anything, they are also the things that can’t be achieved in the stolen moments, the snatch of 5 minutes here and ten minutes there.

I have these things hopefully written in my Vision File to inspire and encourage me as well as to give me something to look forward to and I wanted to share them with you, maybe you will find some motivation here too.

1. Read, read, read

I remember the long summer days of school holidays, spent laying on the grass and living a multitude of different adventures as I turned the pages of book after book or the cold winter nights snuggled up in bed visiting exotic lands.

These days I am lucky if I get through a page (in fact, I am still on the same page from my 52 week photo) without a child waking up or being interrupted by “Mummy!” If I’m not completely lost in a book then I don’t get the full experience that I love and when the book ends I feel a little bit ripped off . That’s simply not how I like to read.

2. Swim

I dream of taking myself off to the pool for some laps. Alone. A weekly appointment with myself to do something good for my body and mind. A time to think quietly to myself while exercising.

It would definitely be a change from having to fight over the WiiFit board or lug around three children on a walk and my body does need some looking after – especially since having three babies in three in a half years. It would be easier and better alone.

3. Shop ’til I drop

Suddenly, I love shoes (really, you can find proof here and here). I have an urge, no – a need – to buy sexy high heels, amazing wedges, bright stilettos. And, no I do not know the difference between them, what I do know is that I love the idea of buying shoes.

And obviously, a great pair of shoes calls for a killer outfit and some drop dead gorgeous accessories to complete the ensemble.

4. A Movie and Fancy Dinner

The most logical stop after buying a spectacular outfit is, of course, to glam yourself up, grab your man and go out on the town. Before Ellie we promised to do Date Nights. It never happened. To top it off I’ve never really gussied up and had a fancy night out and I currently crave a bit of glitter and glam. Not to mention some time alone with my husband.

5. A TV Marathon

A day spent completely vegging out on the couch, wearing my tracksuit and reliving a favourite TV series on a cold winter day sounds deliciously naughty. Some Outrageous Fortune (or Life, Veronica Mars, even some Gossip Girl – of which we have two series that we haven’t watched) on the screen, some nibblies, a drink and the time to leisurely paint my nails while I watch.

Does that not sound like bliss?

What would be on the top of your ‘ME Time’ to do list?

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  1. I haven't even tried to pick up a book since my first son was born almost 4 years ago, shopping solo is just a distant memory and a TV marathon is a vague fantasy. I'd just have to replace "swim" with "sleep in" and I'd be set : )

  2. Right about now a guilt free sleep would be top of my list 🙂

  3. Read, read, read definitely tops my list, too. Plus get some sleep. More than 5 hours a day.

  4. gee well yes i really need to sit and find a great book ,but never find the time *sigh*
    love to shop till i drop (when i have the $$$)

    swim well ok better buy those bathers i have promised my self i hate swimming at public pools (i know) could be just me:-p

    tv marathons love them my all time fav is … wait for it
    "sex and the city" *sigh*

    I would love someone to come and cok a fancy dinner for us (maybe in another life) lol….

  5. I agree with all of these!!

  6. I'm a compulsive reader. Not being able to read once kids came along simply wasn't an option. The solution was to teach my kids how to read and teach them to love books as much as I do. We have always cuddled up together to read and now that the kids are older (6, 9 and 11), it isn't unusual to find them curled up with a book in the mornings or on rainy afternoons.

    I miss meals that don't have to take into account differing tastes. My 6yo doesn't like sauces or anything too spicy/seasoned. The older children are much better, but still have their definite tastes. A treat for me would be cooking a meal without having to factor in everyone elses preferences – or even better being able to go out to a restaurant for dinner that wasn't child-friendly and without it costing a fortune. *sigh*

  7. This list sounds excellent. We've just recently moved to the beach and I would love to take a book and a comfy backrest down to the beach and spend the day enjoying a book – unfortunately my reading consists of staring at my glowing iPhone screen in bed after husband and toddler have fallen asleep – I grab it where I can 🙂

    I shall have to write my list down – perhaps I'll have a better chance of achieving it (especially if I pin it to the fridge and maybe my husband might oblige me one weekend).

  8. With a four month old in the house, I'd love a movie and fancy dinner. Ahhhhh!

  9. I should have found a hide-away when miss 4 yo raided the fridge early easter and devoured Easter eggs well before wake-up time and breakfast Not a naughty child, just hyperactive I was "worn out" in 5 hours !!

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