{52 Weeks}: Week 32: Ready or Not

We’ve just come home from a weekend away. We travelled 5 hours to go to a Family Day Care interview and to meet the carer we’d chosen. Both girls will start Day Care on the 10th of March.

Am I ready?



  1. Oh yes, you're ready! But wait, are you telling me your carer is 5 hours round trip away?? How are you going to manage that!?

    Cute pic! x

  2. That's lovely to hear!

  3. I probably should have explained myself better – we're moving 5 hours away and I wanted to BE SURE I got Ellie in somewhere, so we went 5 hours away for the interview. The girls start the week we move…

    I was probably too tired to write a coherient post last night!

  4. Aha! I thought you were putting them in to day care in advance… I was a bit worried about all the car travel for you! But, instead, of course you are being very sensible getting them secured in ready for the move. x

  5. I was worried they wouldn't get a place if we didn't organise it now, so I thought it was important to have it all ready to go.
    It's one thing off my mind, which has really made a difference.

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