Meeting Little E

Jasper and Little E

While away for the weekend getting our girls Day Care sorted for when we move, we finally got to meet Little E – my first ever nephew and the first cousin for Ellie, Kahlei and Jasper.

Such a beautiful little boy. Jasper and Little E are just under 2 months apart and my Little Man looks SO big next to his cousin.

The girls thought he was adorable. I have tonnes of photos of Ellie taking pics of him or Kahlei giving him kisses as he peacefully slept. Bless. I have wanted them to have a cousin since Ellie was born, as I know how close I am with Case and I wanted them to have that special relationship.

I am so excited that we will be all living in the same time. I hope they will spend lots of time together and be best friends.

Already buds

Playing along with Fat Mum Slim’s Point and Shoot



  1. Oh those little toes!!! Adorable! 🙂

  2. Funny that you see Jasper as big, I still see him as a newborn. Beautiful pictures.

  3. They grow so quickly that in just 2short months he is probably almost double the size of his cousin. Amazing. x

  4. Following the point + shoot links.

    Those photos are just adorable. It is lovely to have cousins around the same age. All my kids do and it's wonderful for them to grow up together!

  5. So cute!

  6. gorgeous photos.

  7. Those little feet are edible 🙂
    There is 1 year and 2 days between my daughter and my niece, and although they have their moments together they are the best of friends, and now that my brother lives closer, the girls go to after school care together. I hope Jasper and Mr E have a fabulous friendship, too 🙂

  8. Claire – it is funny, isn't it. Once I saw the two together, Jasper suddenly seemed SO grown up and SO big but now we're home and he's my tiny many again.
    Bron – he was about double the size! I am waiting to hear if I'm allowed to put pics of the two together up, showing more of the bub.
    Missy Boo – I so hope they'll be friends. I am so close to one of my cousins and she's 5 years younger than me, so I am assuming the boys will be great mates. And I agree that their feet are edible. Baby feet are soo cute.

  9. So sweet! Thanks for playing along. xx

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