We Play: Fairies

If you’re oh-so-quiet when you step out my backdoor and tiptoe your way to the edge of the garden you might just catch a glimpse of the two beautiful fairies who take up residence amongst our daisies and kangaroo paws during the day.

There is a pink fairy and a blue fairy. They flit around, checking on plants, singing songs to butterflies, dancing, tending to animals and even weeding.

If you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse, enjoy the simple happy moments which unfold when you have a gorgeous garden and two beautiful fairies who are too magical to fight.

What have you been playing lately? 
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  1. O such gorgeous girls! I will have to learn to enjoy pirates and cowboys..sigh

  2. looks like they are having fun.
    im a new follower from

  3. Oh so lovely – hello – found you from your comment at keepcatebusy. what gorgeous little girls 🙂

  4. What beautiful fairies there are living in your garden 🙂

  5. Gosh they are cute! I need some fairies to weed my garden hehe

  6. girls and their dress-ups are soooo cute!!!

  7. Nothing sweeter than fairies fluttering in the garden.

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