It’s ALL About Me: Making the Time

You can find more information about the idea behind this here.
This is now my third week running the It’s ALL About Me linky and I have had lots of positive feedback about the idea, yet have only had a total of five link ups. The recurring theme of comments is ‘if/when’ I get ME time I will join in. Since this past week has been crazy, I thought I would share a couple of ways to find and utilise some time for yourself. I need this list as much as any of you, because while I am adamant that this is a journey I need to be on, it’s still one I struggle with.

Making the time for me simply does not come naturally to me.

* Make a List of all the things you could do, things you would like to do, things which make you happy, relaxed, engaged. List the simple, like reading a magazine or drinking a cup of coffee uninterrupted but also add those more extravagant dreams. That way, if time does unexpectedly come up and you’re too faint from shock you can look at your list and choose something appropriate that’s just for YOU.

Take an Extra 5 Minutes when going about your errands. Pop into your favourite coffee shop and sit down for a cup or take a stroll by the river before you go onto shopping, banking or the post run. That first week, when I took just a few extra minutes before doing the grocery shopping I found it really did make a difference.

* Make dates with friends, with your husband or on your own and keep them. Go out to places you don’t go because you have children. Get dressed up. Have a drink.

* Pencil Yourself In when you do your weekly/monthly diary. I have already put myself down for the day my girls start Day Care. Once Jasper’s down for his big nap I will be doing something that’s just for me. It’s something to look forward to, I see it on the calendar and get excited. Plus, having something to look forward to that day is making me a tad less stressed about the fact that they won’t be with me for a whole day (what can be done about a Mother with separation anxiety? But, that’s another post for another time).

* Take Your Time. I think this is a key point, for ME especially. When you do take those few moments to yourself and you know your precious children (or husband or whoever is waiting for you) are safe and happy don’t rush. They will be okay for a few minutes more, in fact they probably won’t even notice the added time.

In the past week I combined the second and fifth point to have a 30c ice cream with my mum (yes, I know they cost more now) after dropping the children off with Pa, even though there were three hungry boys at home waiting for lunch. We had a chat, enjoyed our little bit of down time before going to tend to those who needed us and, amazingly, the boys survived that extra five minutes waiting for us. Even with rumbling stomachs (and for the record, there was food on the table for them to make their own, we didn’t actually leave them to starve).

Did I miss anything important in my points?
Now, it’s your turn. What have you done for yourself recently?


To play along; all you need to do is link up a post focusing on what you’ve done for YOU over the past week (or what you’ve tried to do or even why you couldn’t get that time) and then visit the other participants to support their efforts.
Feel free to grab a button to add to your posts or side bar.
If you’re not a blogger, but want to join in you can link a note, photo etc from another source (like FaceBook)
Be sure to link bask here to my post to get the word out.
At the end of a month, every time you have linked up gets you an extra entry into the giveaway which is focused on YOU. Your happiness. Your time. 

Keep your eyes peeled for a Giveaway post later today!!



  1. Hey Becky, I hope my post is suitable. Glad to finally be joining in 🙂

  2. Your post is PERFECT and I so hope everyone will read it! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I do love this idea. I'm not 'joining the linky' only due to the fact that my 'me' time is so bloody boring that I have nothing to say about it! Boring to read, not boring to me, of course!

    I enjoy reading all the linkys though. ONe day I hope there are so many I can't read them all! Go Becky! x

  4. I worry about it becoming a 'boring' topic. I am thinking it will have to evolve. Maybe to a photo post, maybe to something where you place my button on a post where you did something that made you feel good and link that up on the Thursday. I don't know, because I want this to be a positive thing…
    And thank you, your encouragement means so much xo

  5. Excellent post! I was nodding to all your suggestions, its definitely great to do things just for us.

  6. I love this post, and need to catch up on all the other "All About Me" posts. I find as a mum it's hard to squeeze in any time for me, but I know (and have heard over and over) that we are better mums when we look after ourselves first. But the question is: when? But what you've written is doable and achievable. Thanks for your wisdom! xx

  7. Hey Becky, I think you're onto something with changing the format. Maybe people can leave a comment to say how they've had some me time. Over the past couple of weeks I've wanted to join in but haven't felt like what I was doing was worthy of a whole blog post. Having the option to either write a post and link to it OR leave a comment would be great and maybe mean more people get invovled. Just a thought….Either way, you are fab for doing this! x

  8. I'm going to do the linky tomorrow. I was going to do it tonight but I ended up with a migraine for the second night in a row. My first linky will be about giving myself the pedi I've been needing for three weeks!!! Love this idea Becky.

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