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This weekend, while away for my Nan’s birthday, my man and I did something truly amazing. We went on a date. Together. Alone. Oh my.

The children were left to have dinner and play happily with Nanna, Great Nanna and Great Grandpa while James and I slipped out with the instructions to not be home too early. 2am was mentioned (what’s the word for an anti-curfew? Is there one?) as a great time to return.

We ordered a romantic dinner at Subway, which was a bit disappointing as I am one of those people who can never quite get my order right, and ate it at the park surrounded by the soothing, mood lifting, love inducing sounds of hundreds of birds squawking and carrying on.

We made it home only moments before our anti-curfew, at about 9pm, after a desert of Caramel Sundaes and a shared Apple Pie at McDonald’s.

It might not have been perfect but it was just lovely. To be able to talk and not be interrupted was bliss, the fact that we were able to just be was oh-so-nice and strange all at once. I don’t remember that last time we did that without hurrying back to the children or taking one with us.

I’ve been aware of the need to spend more time together without children, electronics or interruptions for some time and a recent posts; one from Carly of My Life in Colour and another from Louisa of Everything is Edible; started me thinking more seriously about it. A marriage is a sacred thing. Our marriage is so important and we have to make the time for each other. So, when we saw the opportunity we grabbed it and I hope we will continue to do so.

Do you make time for ‘date’ nights?
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  1. So true. And it doesn't have to be time away from your kids. It can be just a matter of turning off your computer and watching a movie together once the kids are in bed… So hard and so worth it.

  2. Do this as often as you can. You will both be better for it and so will your children!! x

  3. Oh, I love date nights! Even more so after the rough first year we had with our second baby. Parenthood definitely makes you appreciate each other – and silence so much more!

    Glad you two lovebirds had a great night x

  4. We need to do this more often, or just once even. I think we seem to only do so if there is something big on, when really we should just hit subway and the park and grab a couple of hours too.

    perhaps it is time we visit the in laws for a night!!!

  5. Hubby has been away so we haven't made time for date night in a while… but I think I will have to get onto it! Thanks for the reminder. x

  6. Yay Becky – how great is that! Love that you and James could have a date night! Make sure you don't wait too long for the next one! x

  7. Good on you. You deserve it, especially afte ryour run of bad nights with Jasper. I sure hope you enjoyed your night with James (and that you have the next one planned already!) xx

  8. What a nice opportunity to get away. Take advantage of this whenever you can. It's priceless.

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