It’s ALL About Me: Indulgence

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When I dropped my girls off at Day Care this morning I was nervous, tentative. Would they like it? Would I cope? Would the other little girl like them? What about the parents; would they like my girls, would they like me? My biggest worry was that one or other girl would cry about me leaving (including me), but neither girl gave me a second thought once they were inside.

The obligatory First Day photo
 I made them say goodbye to me and it was kind of like “Yea, bye mum. Now let me go play.”
So, Jasper and I went shopping to drown my sorrows. Shopping with one child is ridiculously easy when the child is a baby who doesn’t want to touch every toy, piece of sparkly clothing and cute pairs of shoes or eat everything that looks remotely naughty, not to mention the getting in and out of the car takes less than a third of the time. I barely knew what to do with myself when I was out of the car and ready to go in mere minutes.
James mentioned today’s 40% off sale at Crossroads last night, so Jazzy and I spent an hour or so leisurely scouring the racks for bargains. There were no children running around the store, hurrying me out the door and so I left with an entire outfit, another top and a cute lip bag – all for just over $60! I was quite thrilled with myself. After a few more purchases, Jasper and I went to have a drink, a chat and a sit together.
I highly recommend the White Tim Tam Chiller from Gloria Jean’s – Divine! Unfortunately, my dream of being a weekly visitor will probably swiftly go out the window once James decides I’ve (possibly) been altogether too indulgent today.
Once we were home, Jasper was in bed and I’d had lunch I decided to get a little Fancy Pants, since I’ve wanted to join in with Kymmie’s linky since first coming across it.

My new outfit – love the orange

A $2 necklace
My second top
$5 headband
If I’d bought some shoes it would have been a complete shop – oh and a bra as, ironically, after spending a morning buying up big I came home and had the only bra that really fits break. I feel amazingly empowered and am secretly waiting for James to ask me out on a date so I can get wear it out.

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  1. What a fabulous day!! I hope there are many, many more for you sweetie xoxoxoxoxox

  2. I know that feeling. You don't want them to hold your leg and beg them not to leave you (but secretly it would be kind of nice to think they couldn't bear for you to leave them)

    Love the new clothes and accessories – you got some bargains there!

    I don't have any success with your widget, but have linked to you from my blog. I tried to put it in the one from last week – oops!!

  3. Oh, I love that you got all Fancy Pants. You look gorgeous! And isn't it even better when everything was on sale. Love the beads and that orange top!

    And this week my new thing will be trying that white choc tim tam chiller from Gloria Jeans. Oh my! Super indulgence! xx

  4. Wow Becky… just wow…

    You look absolutely amazing!

    The thing that struck me about this entire post was just how great you look in your new clothes.

    I'm loving the the colours.

    It looks like this "All about me" challenge is really positively affecting you and I'm sure you are inspiring plenty of others through your blog.

    Very proud of you and once again… WOW!

  5. Lucky you, always fun to shop, even better when it is on sale.

  6. You're so right Amy – I kinda did want them to at least pretend they were sad I was going! Geez! Thanks for sharing your link – sorry for the sucky widget, still trying to find one to use instead.

    Kymmie – Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I was totally inspired by you this week. It's the first time I've loved shopping for clothes in my life. And yes! Try the drink – it is SO good.

    Virginia – Thank you my beautiful friend <3 I think challenging myself like this has been positive and it's been this week that I've really noticed it, too, so for you to see it is a great affirmation for me. I hope others are finding some inspiration here, too.

    Clairey – YES! I've never really been a clothes shopper but I so enjoyed it and when everything was on sale I was oh so excited.

  7. BLING! Look at you! I want those necklaces. I'm obsessed with bargains so if something is pretty and cheap I love it waaaay more than anything expensive ๐Ÿ™‚ So glad you had some scrummy one on one time with Jasper. x


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