‘You Again’ DVD Review

Having read many not-so-glowing reviews dubbing ‘You Again’ predictable, poorly written and a disaster. Needless to say, these reviews didn’t lead me to rush into watching this movie with excitement and enthusiasm.

The premise for the movie is this;

When Marni, a young once ‘ugly’, mercilessly teased teen and now successful, beautiful woman realises her much adored and looked up to brother, Will, is about to marry the devil incarnate girl who bullied her in high school. When she realises her whole family is smitten with her arch Nemesis she sets out to expose the fiancĂ©e’s true colors.

While it isn’t the deepest movie and the moral is possibly pushed too hard throughout for minimal impact, I still think it’s a movie worth watching.

It’s fun, light hearted, full of amazing actresses and; if you allow yourself to just watch, it’s quite funny. It is perfect for snuggling up with the one you love and a bowl of popcorn after one of those days. A perfect movie for enjoying and not thinking too much about.

The cast is an interesting all-star mix with Kristen Bell and Betty White giving many laughs. Even the highly ridiculous moments are funny, ie where they’re learning the dance for the wedding – that’s the point of romantic comedy, right? Go on, name me one romcom that doesn’t have silly bits that make you giggle.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy of the DVD courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment via Aussie Mummy Bloggers. All opinions expressed are purely my own.



  1. Sometimes fluff is all you need! I don't mind a formulaic hollywood number… it's formula 'cos it works. x

  2. PS – But I really don't like the Kristen Bell… I don't even know why! x

  3. see and those are the types of mvies I enjoy… just ones you can sit back and watch without having to really follow. By the end of the day I like NOT having "to use my mind".

    How do you get in on doing reviews?

  4. I agree that sometimes all you need is fluff. Especially after somedays!
    I think after three bubs (and obviously my baby brain ain't going away) that these are the types of movies I like to watch most – that way I am not sitting there asking what's going on or left saying "Huh?"

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