{52 Weeks} Week 34: Sick and Week 35: Post FDC Glow?

Week 34: Sick

Last week I ended up too sick to post my {52 Weeks} pic, though I did manage to take one just before slipping off to sleep. Grainy and gross but true and that’s the whole point of this project (mostly), I guess.

Week 35: Post FDC Glow?

I took this yesterday, while I was still in a stupor over my most recent purchases and reveling in a post (Family) Day Care glow. Before the world went mad. WHY did nobody tell me the Day After my children would not be the little Angels I assumed they would be? How is it that no one mentioned that the Day After Day Care isn’t a peaceful, loving, quiet and fun day as we all soaked in the awesomeness that was the day before.

Instead, my girls were screaming, fighting, crazy people who’s ears had suddenly and mysteriously lost their batteries (all things work on batteries in this house). My post FCD glow did not last long. At. All.

Please tell me next Friday will be different?



  1. Becky,

    Next Friday will be different…

  2. (hugs) hope you are feeling much better Becky.
    I hope you have better luck this week after FDC.
    My sons are little darlings at daycare/prep but the minute they set foot in home door they scream, fight, run wild and are near uncontrolable some nights …we are never so glad to put them to bed.

  3. As much as I love my FDC days, I find it so hard when they come home in the afternoon and then the next day. It's like I've forgotten how to be patient/tolerant after having a couple of hours off from them 😉

  4. Yes Beck it will be better next friday and I know what you mean! I love my FDC day too!

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