Today I am Grateful for CamWow

I’ve been pretty grumpy today – it’s what happens when I get uber tired and miss out on my sleep in, but iDarkroom* gave my girls, brother and I lots of good belly laughs to lighten the day.

Beautiful much?

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* ETA: And when I say iDarkroom I actually mean CamWow. Argh! See what happens when I miss out on my sleep in??


  1. LOL. Love those little faces!

  2. Bahaha. Bottom right looks a bit like "Grug" – I loved Grug so much, in the book about his birthday party I cried. It's like a 10 page book, how can there be enough plot development to cry?!?! (I was 5 at the time, but still!)

  3. That's hilarious! I want!! x

  4. Thanks for the mention! It's great to see people enjoying the product. =)

    For your readers, here's the link to the app:

  5. Fabulous funny photos!!! Love it much Becky 🙂

  6. what fun! Addison was laughing at each pic I clicked on. She askedwhen we were doing ours… sorry but mama does not have an I-phone 🙁 Addison also LOVES the carl app for I-phone have you tried that? She plays with it every time her aunt is down.

  7. These are still making us laugh and, had I been thinking I totally would have actually linked to the app (sorry, Jing).
    Poor Addison, you might have to get an iPhone just so you can do funny faces – I'd say that's a strong enough reason to buy one.
    Do you know which 'Carl' app she uses? I had a quick look and there were a few different ones.

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