A Hospital Visit

We have been here for a week and already we’ve all been crippled by a terrible stomach bug and taken a child to the ER. I am a worrier, as all mother’s are but I am not a dash to the ER kind of Mum. I follow my gut on these things and only ever take them when I KNOW there’s something wrong.

So, yesterday when Ellie woke from her nap grumpy, pale and hot I knew she was off. We had no food in the house and so James and I went shopping, leaving Ellie cuddled up with Nanna and on our return found she was burning up, barely able to keep her eyes open, lethargic, with her heart beating a million miles an hour. Seeing her I could have burst into tears, especially given we’d left her.We bundled her up and took her down to the hospital.

We didn’t wait long and soon she’d been weighed, had her temp taken and was on a monitor for her bp/heart rate/saturation. She was highly unresponsive, clinging to James, shaking and NOT herself at all. We couldn’t get her to eat or drink, even after hours of having not had anything.

The doctor kept saying “So, she’s just woken up quiet.” And, in hindsight he doesn’t know my daughter and wouldn’t know just how different the pale little girl in front of him was to my daughter but his interpretation of the situation was somewhat frustrating. If my child “just wakes up quiet” I do a happy dance, not rush them to hospital.

We sat in the Paed room and only got her drinking and eating a hydrolite by explaining we couldn’t go home until she’d had something to drink and done a wee for them to test. After some panadol and more rest she started perking up.

By the time the doctor came back she was in high spirits and being completely charming:

I was starting to wonder if I could leave at this point and pretend she wasn’t my child. We got the all clear to take her home, as long as we kept an eye on her as the Dr could only assume she was coming down with another virus.

As we left she noticed the play equipment in the waiting room and that she was out with no shoes – showing just how out of it she had been when we arrived. Given that she is still not herself, still clingy and lethargic, emotional and ‘off’ I do not feel silly for taking her in (even if she ended up burping and giggling).

What did you do over the weekend?
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  1. nevermind embarassment (they always do *that* trick!!) – just thank goodness she's okay…that waiting is so scary!!
    Get well soon Ellie

  2. What a scary moment for you, rather be embarrassed than sorry…I once called an ambulance and then cancelled it thinking I was over worrying, they thought I was looney and arrived in record time, woke the bubba and confirmed all was now ok.

  3. You're right to trust your gut, Becky. I'd rather be embarrassed than sorry! Hope she's back to her jumpy self soonest. x

  4. Always better to be embarrassed than sorry! And as for the burping? Love it 🙂

  5. She really was a very sick little girl…

    You did exactly the right thing. Doctors need to learn to listen to the parents, rather than trying to make us feel like we don't know what we're talking about. We know our kids the best – they see them for just a few minutes!!

  6. Kids are great at that – it's always hard to know but as others have said, better to be embarrassed than sorry.

    Hope she is feeling better.

  7. Very scary moment- we landed in the ER with Jackson last week. He was admitted for three days. I am so happy Ellie was able to be discharged. I hope she is back to her perky little self very soon.

    A mother knows her child better than anyother person… including the ER Dr's. It would have been silly not to take her. It is great parenting.

  8. Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments. Ellie's still not great, she can be fine and then crashes pretty fast. Just trying to keep her fluids up and keep her resting (as much as a three year old will rest).
    I agree that doctors should take so much more notice of what mum's say, they look at us like hysterical parents when really we know what we're talking about.

  9. I love the picture of the two of them together. So cute. Glad she was burping and giggling at the end of the hospital 'stay'. xx

  10. Always better to play it safe and take her in! If the doctor makes you feel silly change doctors, though I guess you can't do that at the hospital… All the doctors I know have always told me to go to hospital whenever I was unsure, they don't mind at all if it is a false alarm!

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