It’s ALL About Me: Sleep

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Do you ever think about how ironic it is that, as a teenager, you can stay up ’til all hours no trouble. Making midnight was never a struggle before children, since children I don’t think I have made it into more than one New Year awake. Now that I need the stamina to stay up or get up I have none. Zip.
In the last week or so we’ve had sickness, sickness and a little more sickness (you know, just to shake things up), add to that a teething Little Man and it’s fair to say there’s not been a whole lot of sleeping going on. For anyone, really.
It is completely tempting to spend today; my second Day Care day out. Last week was so lovely and I dream of spending it in much the same way, however, I know tiredness is a trigger and grumpiness a warning that I am starting to crumble. I need to rest, recoup and get the energy back to be the kind of mother I should be. 
So, today if you need me I will be napping.
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  1. Thinking of you , mate, and sending Hobart ♥♥♥. It's the pits. Grab any sleep you can (easier said than done, I know). And I hope the littlies are finally all on the mend. J x

  2. There's nothing better than a nanna nap. And with all the moving and sick little people in your house, I think you need a few every day. Thinking of you. xxx

  3. I've been so angry lately. I think I need to take better care of me.
    Stay well, all of you.

  4. Thank you, Jane. I think we're all on the mend but I am so completely worn out. I am napping when able and wishing I could when not!
    Kymmie – I am totally telling my kids you said I need 'a few every day'. I would love that.
    Purplume – I have been the same. Easily angered or just plain angry for no reason. Take some time for you! xo

  5. Did you feel better after your nanna nap? Love a good nanna nap xx

  6. You know, Amy – I didn't get one!! Not a proper one. I must have jinxed myself by posting this before hand! The only nap I got was while I was having tummy time with Jazzy and fell asleep. He made his way over to me in his rolling, pulling way and woke me by giving me a good kiss. Bless him. hehe.

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