{52 Weeks} Week 37: I am Beautiful

My recent body image post and the subsequent comments caused me to think some more about the whole situation and I really, truly believe that there needs to be much more honesty and disclosure about these issues. Making these subjects taboo is dangerous.

It isn’t easy to talk about lacking self confidence, it is uncomfortable to reveal to your children – the people you love most in the world – your most raw and vulnerable self because, as a mother you want to be strong for them but I have come to realise that revealing this part of myself is strong because it’s hard yet necessary.

One of my favourite bloggers, Ashley Sisk, led me to a wonderful discovery which led to another and another and I wanted to share it with you all.

Elena, of Selfie Magic, hosts a weekly link up where you follow her tutorial, take and post a self portrait. This week’s challenge is to put it out there, in the blogosphere, why you’re participating in her Selfie Saturdays and to take a self portrait holding a sign saying “I am beautiful”. From what I understand, this challenge is a diversion from what it was to be because of an amzingly touching and thought provoking post about being beautiful, about believing it and about modeling that exact sentiment to our children.

The last part of the challenge is to upload your portrait to the I AM BEAUTIFUL Project’s Flickr stream. The project was born from one beautiful woman’s desire to help others see their worth and beauty. I know there are a lot of links there, but I encourage you to go through and read them all. There are some very powerful words, thoughts and truths shared which I simply cannot do justice.

So, here’s me. Being beautiful.

As for the part where I explain why I am participating? I believe my post the other day might be sufficient, even if it was written before I even knew about Selfie Saturday, but just in case…

I want to teach my children to love themselves and see their beauty as I learn to do so for myself and correct so many years of negative self-talk, eating disorders and low, low, low body image. I want to step in front of the camera and be recorded for the future and I want to like what I see.

I hope some of you will join in, too.

P.S. I am being interviewed by the wonderful Carly over at Mammarazzi today – go take a look!



  1. Yes you are!!! And not just because of your pretty face, beautiful hair and gorgeous smile…but because you are such a kind, caring and thoughtful woman!
    It's so much more than skin deep and the fact that you are thinking so deeply about these issues and what it means to more than just you only goes to prove what a beauty you really are πŸ™‚

  2. Fabulous idea and great for self esteem for our children! I love your picture and honey you really are beautiful, believe it!


  3. You are so beautiful and I'm so glad you've embraced your beauty. πŸ™‚

  4. Becky you are so inspiring! I love the blogs you've linked to and when the shift is over I'm going to try and jump in on these projects too!
    Your selfies are gorgeous too! xx

  5. You ARE beautiful. I love this post, and I love how dedicated you are to teaching your kids positive behaviour. I know I said all this in your last post about this sort of thing, but still, one can't say these things enough!


  6. You are beautiful Becky – not just looks but you are a beautiful person xxx

  7. what a great idea!!! I absolutely adore your pics you do look beautiful xo

  8. Becky, you are beautiful! I adore the last photo and hope to see more of those eyes. Gorgeous!

    I hope you read my first post that Elena linked to – fearfully and wonderfully made. Also, I invite you to come back and read the featured post for the weekend – nothing but a t-shirt on (and yes, I'm wearing pants). πŸ˜‰ While it might not be your thing, it could help. As I say in the post, not sure where this is going but it very well could be something great. Best of luck to you on this journey, Becky! You and your pics are absolutely beautiful!

  9. Great post, as was your previous post. It's good to be honest with ourselves about things we need to work on, otherwise they keep getting swept under the rug, you are beautiful!

  10. I'm glad you found my challenge, Becky! It's so important for women to feel beautiful and be beautiful! And the amazng thing is you ARE, you have no reason to have low self-confidence!
    I love both your shots.
    The last one is really cute, because you look a bit shy and that totally works with the sign πŸ™‚

  11. Beautiful Miss Becky. You are so proactive; I truly believe your children will see themselves as beautiful and believe they are from the examples you are setting.

  12. You're beautiful inside and out, Becky. A really stunning photo too. I love this concept – exactly what women need. I think I might go and play along too! πŸ™‚

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