Today I am Grateful for Dishwashers

Having spent almost three weeks living in a house FULL of people with NO dishwasher, I could barely contain my excitement last night when we walked into our unit and saw my beloved dishwasher. Honestly, those of you who don’t have one and manage to keep on top of the dishes are completely amazing! I am quite overwhelmed by the amount of washing up 7 (often 8) people make. Especially when two of those people are teenage boys and need a new plate/cup for everything they eat and another two of those people are 2 and 3 years old and are capable of creating much mess without even trying.

Unfortunately, my rush of dishwasher love was soon interrupted by the discovery that when the guy came to take it away (it broke the night before we moved) to fix it, he turned off the power – for safety and all, but he didn’t reconnect it… So, for the two weeks that it took him to get it back here the power was off, leaving the food we had deliberately stocked the fridge with for weekends when we would have to come down to tend to the yard and house to go bad.

And boy did it go bad.

I had the spectacular job of throwing it all out, disassembling the fridge and scrubbing it out. Melted, mouldy ice cream, rancid meat which had defrosted and bled everywhere, mushy veges… It was horrendous. Just the memory is making me feel the need to dry retch. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t survive.

Our spoiled food. Let’s just say I am not impressed.

 Still, I love my dishwasher.

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  1. Oh goodness yes! Couldn't live without my dishwasher – have had one ever since we had kiddos!
    And I so sympathise on the fridge thing – I came back home last NYE after a couple of weeks away to find the power had gone off (and so had the food). All the meat in the freezer had defrosted and I had congealed blood all over my kitchen floor (bleugh!!!!!!)
    My suggestions for anti-smelling the fridge are 1. vanilla essence and 2. bicarb soda
    have a great weekend Becky

  2. Yay we are moving in FOUR days to a house with my FIRST diswasher too! I cant wait!
    I too have a bad food incident {not as bad as yours though}. Electric Storm cut our power for 28hrs and everything had to be thrown… most brassed that it happened the very day after the grocery re-stock! GRRR!
    I've heard that vanilla trick Cate wrote too, never tried it though.
    I am confussed though – this unit… is this where you are now?

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Cate. I thought Vanilla Essence but then I thought that was for microwaves (and, ovbiously, it couldn't be for TWO appliances!).
    I would have not coped with blood all over the floor, that is just horrible.
    Carly, Yay for a dishwasher!! You will love it.
    We own the unit on the South Coast, so we're here for the weekend to do some gardening to keep it presentable (you know, so that nobody can come look at it for a few more weeks). Tomorrow we will go back to mum's house.

  4. GREEN with envy. I wish I had a dishwasher 🙁 But I wouldn't swap it for the fridge situation!!! :/ You are a brave, brave woman. I would have been yelling for the hubby for that job!

  5. Love my dishwasher as well but hate emptying lol nice blog i enjoyed reading

  6. Our dishwashewr was broken for 2 years. It didn't bother me at all, until I found out we were having twins! We moved heaven and earth to replace it and I honestly couldn't live without it! Thanks for linking up x

  7. I'm one of those people that doesnt have a dishwasher. And I hand wash dishes up to five or six times a day. Yeesh! So glad you love yours. But I'm SO SORRY about your fridge. Two weeks is horror for warm food! (Love your last line… Still, I love my dishwasher). You're such a silver lining kind of gal! xx

  8. I love my dishwasher! I don't use it very often, but when I need it it's there and that's what matters.

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