Wordless Wednesday: YOU are Beautiful

Read my post about this here

Are we done yet?

Playing along with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love.
Also check out the I am Beautiful flickr group.

(You may notice Kahlei’s absence in the photos – she was not interested in posing!!)



  1. That is so beautiful Becky.
    Gorgeous pics of your beautiful cherubs.
    Thanks for linking up.

  2. These are gorgeous, Becky! I especially love that last photo of Elle with the sign. She is incredibly beautiful (all your kids are!).

  3. Loving your pics, your kiddies are so cute!

  4. Oh well, I guess her strong will is just one of Kahlei's beautiful qualities 🙂 I love the last pic – a really nice idea!!

  5. Thank you all and Cate, you are SO right Kahlei's strong will IS just one of her beautiful qualities. Thank you for reminding me of that xo

  6. Those photos are just exquisite! Beautiful AND happy!

  7. I love the colours on your photos

  8. Absolutely beautiful!

  9. So so beautiful – I love these photos, especially the last shot.

  10. Beautiful? Yes, they are. xx

  11. Such fantatic moments in time to capture – what a gorgeous family you have!

  12. Very beautiful! You didn't really need that sign, it's obvious.

  13. Those photos are stunning!

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