It’s ALL About Me: More about Me Again


Last week’s failed attempt at sharing more about myself made me really open my eyes and mind this week. It made me take notice of so much more than I normally would. I find it so easy to just go along and miss details. Thank you to those of you who asked me questions and let me know what else you want to know about me. That got the thought process going, too.

So, here I go again;

*  I want to start by saying I HATE this Wurrawhy – some new kids show that I am watching while I wait for the news

*  For a brief time I was a Digiscrap Designer. I was very into it and so excited that I was something, then during my pregnancy with Jasper my mojo disappeared. And never came back.

*  Unfortunately, the same happened with my digiscrap obsession. Suddenly I could not scrap. At all. I was on three wonderful CTs (creative teams) which I let down majorly. I miss it, yet the desire is still gone. I used to scrap literally everything and I feel guilty that I have stopped recording important things the way I once did.

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*  I have weird fears. Sausage dogs are terrifying. I have mentioned my fear of cows and emus once or twice and I have realised recently sausage dogs make the list too. At least this time I have a reason for my fear. When I was young there was this grumpy dog which used to chase me. It seems I have been scarred for life!

*  I seem to have an iObsession. I was telling James only yesterday that I needed an iPad2 for while Ellie’s at dance class, so I can sit and blog. And, I put out a ‘will blog for iPad2’ on Twitter as I really want one for James (it would be his like my iPhone is mine)… No takers yet, but the offer is still there…

*  I love baby feet, I just want to kiss them and tickle them and photograph them

*  But, I hate people touching my feet. Or looking at them

*  I have a terrible memory. Really. I have blamed baby brain, though in truth it’s always been bad. Baby brain simply made it worse. What’s my name again?

*  I once rang my grandmother and started the conversation with “Hi, Nan, it’s….ummm…” True story

*  For as long as I can remember I have loved photography. Before I grew up I dreamt of traveling to exotic locations and creating a photo book of my adventures

*  I am lusting after vintage cameras. I so want a collection, this one in particular has me all excited

* I have thought about sharing some of my teenage writing here. I am sure none of you would ever look at me (or read me) the same way again

*  In the past week I was told that one of my grandparents once ridiculed my writing dream, told me I wouldn’t be able to do it and to get a real job. I don’t remember it. Or didn’t, the more I have thought about it since the more I realise it might have had something to do with me giving up on being a published author

Carly asked what I did pre-James… I’ve been wondering this myself. I feel like I must have done nothing, yet at the same time I think I must have done heaps. Will get back to you on this, since right now it feels like there was no pre-James!

Now that I am sufficiently bored with myself I am going to finish up.

Tell me about you… (you are much more interesting to me!)


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  1. I had a giggle at your Nan because my sister (Aunty Penny), when in her 20's called me and said "Hi Aunty Penny, it's Glowless"… I cracked up laughing and she had no idea why!

  2. I love this and you are not boring at all! Memories… sheesh. I think mine was no worse after I had children.

    Love this 50 things post. I've copied and pasted the questions and will join in. I promise!


  3. Its been really fun reading your list – some great things there, feel like I know you a whole lot better (and I like that!)

  4. It's nice to get to know you a bit better.

  5. I love getting to know you better too 🙂 Having been awol a bit this past week or so it's lovely to read this.

    I'll link up the post about my 30th. Does that count as "something about me" ?

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