So, now what?

My gorgeous family and I lived out one of my life-long dreams over the weekend when we attended The Wiggles live in concert. As a die-hard Greg fan, I have been pretty anti-Sam from the moment he pulled on the yellow skivvie. To the point where we only have old-school Wiggles DVDs and I said we would never, ever go see them live without Greg.

However, leading up to finding out they would be in town mere weeks after we moved Ellie started telling me she wanted to ‘be down the front like the kids’ when we watched the live concerts on DVD and there was no way I was going to deny her. Greg or no Greg. And considering I have always wanted to see them I was quite excited.

For Ellie, Kahlei, James and Jasper it was their first ever concert and, although it took Ellie sometime to warm up (she sat on the floor, unable to see) they all had a blast. It was so much better than even I imagined. Kahlei danced her butt off from beginning to end, she was in her own little world.

All the handstanding on stage led Kahlei to give it a try… She landed on her face
but was ok and up dancing again in moments
Jeff in the crowd getting roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur.
He completely freaked Ellie out by being this  close

And, just secretly, I may have been a little tough on Sam. He might be a bit amazing and crush-worthy. Maybe.

What did you do on the weekend?
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  2. Oh I HAVE to tell you my Greg story. Well it's not really MY Greg story, it's my friend's. When Greg got sick and had to leave the group my friend's kids wrote him a get well soon card and gave it to one of the random staff members at the next concert they went to… about three months later they got a hand written thank you note (on yellow paper) from Greg himself 🙂 How sweet is that?!

    P.S. I would totally freak being that close to Jeff too!

  3. YAAAAYYYY – Tick off the bucket list =)

    I'm so so very glad you've done an about-face on Sam. He's amazing!! (I think he even might be my favourite… I reckon he's great!)

    We used to watch a lot of Wiggles with the little boy next door (in Sydney) which is totally how I am justifying my Wiggle knowledge.

    I'm glad you all had such a great time =) xx

  4. Love all of these photos – We have never been to a Wiggles concert (but I feel like I have been to just about every other concert known to man!!) And love your new little crush on Sam!!

  5. The Wiggles are so much fun – and I'm a Sam convert, too! Having said that, I am grateful that we have outgrown Wiggles concerts, but I am not necessarily grateful that Miss 5 is requesting Miley Cyrus tickets 🙁

  6. I have never been to a Wiggles concert, but we have a big fan in my one year old, so it's probably about time! xx

  7. Ohhh, I love that Greg story! I wish it was mine!
    Virginia, he is a bit amazing… can't believe I have missed so much time dwelling in the past… I still love Greg but Sam is awesome in his own right. Lots of catching up to do, hehe.
    Lizeylou, I totally suggest you go to a Wiggles concert. So completely worth it.
    Missy Boo, I don't think I would be thrilled with that transition, either! I am not looking forward to my girls wanting to go to that kind of concert.
    Kymmie, you so should. I am totally going again. I mean, my kids are totally going again…

  8. Oh your family is too cute. So glad you had a great time, and can now take it easy on Sam. 😛

  9. Ohhh it actually looks pretty fun! We're just getting into the Wiggles over here so the Greg vs Sam debate was never an issue… note to self : be on the look out for tickets!


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