Bega Stringers Review

Poser much?

With the girls recently starting Day Care once a week, I have been thinking about the best way to incorporate cheese into their lunches. I had thought about those cheese sticks – you know the ones; they look like plastic and don’t need to be kept in the fridge.

While cheese is an essential daily food in our household (Kahlei, especially, has an obsession and will demand cheese as I make James’ lunch first thing in the morning), I decided against including them in their lunchboxes and soon was excited to receive a cooler bag full of Bega goodies including packs of Bega Stringers.

Our cooler bag was full of hats, cool Stringer pens + packs of Stringers

For us, Bega is the only cheese. And for me, only Bega Tasty – I am boring like that, so I jumped at the chance to try these non processed, all natural mozzarella cheese snacks and had visions of them answering my lunchbox woes.

I got all excited, broke out the Original Stringers and gave the girls one each and tried one myself. For me, I found it too… salty? I am, honestly, such a bland person – everything I eat is salt reduced and lacking as much flavour as possible.

I showed Ellie how to ‘string’ her cheese stick, which I thought was SO cool, I imagined they would come and be little strips clumped together, however, the mozzarella means it is actually smooth and you can strip off as much or as little cheese as you like. Kahlei simply took a big bite and, due to that I am convinced that these are meant to be eaten in nice, thin strips as she wouldn’t eat any more.

I decided to wait a day before popping one of the Swiss Cheese or Cheddar flavours in their lunch for Day Care.

Unfortunately, I did not foresee the ‘Cheese Freak‘. By Day Care day, my darling husband had eaten the remainder of the Stringers. He says it’s a toss up between the Cheddar and Swiss Cheese flavours to take out the ‘favourite flavour’ award and will often state the he has a craving. Where we shop only has the classic flavour, but as soon as we find the others I have no doubt James will sneak them into the trolley for suppers, lunches and ‘whenevers’.


Thankfully, the girls managed to get loads of fun out of the pens which came in the cooler bag, so they didn’t miss out. There has been lots of drawing, storytelling and imaginative play. At the moment their favourite game seems to be Mummy and Baby, which seems to be remarkably true to life!

Mummy Stringer: “Look at this room! It’s such a mess. I want to see you picking these up.”
Baby Stringer: “Wahhh! No, Mumma!”

Disclosure: I received complimentary packs of Bega Stringers, chiller bag, caps and pens for review purposes courtesy of Bega Cheese. All opinions expressed are purely my own.


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