It’s ALL About Me: Thoughts


When I first had the idea to encourage other Mummies out there to do things for themselves while keeping myself accountable I was so excited. I had grand plans, amazing dreams. It was going to be a revolution.

Unfortunately, it seems I am not an ‘executer’ and the whole thing hasn’t really come off the way I had planned. On top of that; I have realised today that my ME time has become Mumma and Jazz time. I am barely getting a moment to myself these days and I am feeling it, but then I am a mother and who really gets time alone once they’ve brought a child into the world?

I am starting to think I was over-reaching with this project and a little (or a lot) selfish to think I needed ME time every week. And then I had commited to these posts and weekly I came to a point where I realised I had nothing to reflect on, nothing to say and wouldn’t be inspiring anyone. Especially not myself.

So, I have reconsidered what I am doing here. I don’t want to completely end It’s ALL About Me and I do still have an obligation to my family and myself to take the time to recharge. I also still want to do what I can to encourage other mumma’s out there if I can.

So, instead of posting weekly, I plan to keep a written journal and at the end of the month compile a post with my thoughts, activities, how I am feeling and so on followed by the link. I still want you guys joining in and maybe a monthly link up will make it easier to do so.

I also plan to continue with the It’s ALL About You giveaways. I am passionate about giving others the chance to take the time for themselves and I believe I am able to do that through these giveaways.

On that note; if you have a product or service that would uplift mum’s and you are interested in being a sponsor for a monthly giveaway please contact me!!




  1. It's hard to find me time every week and to make it post worthy. I do take time every week, but I usually do the same things every week.. Hopefully, I can find at least one different thing to do every month so that I can join in.

  2. I don't think it's selfish to want to do something for yourself every week. In fact if something small (like having a cup of tea in five minute's silence) then even once a day. I think we are better mummies if we have just five minutes to ourselves to re-group. I know five minutes sounds almost impossible, but sometimes it happens 😉

    As for me? This week I've been having a glass of iced lemon water every hour or so. And I've loved that little bit of special! At one drink sitting, I even flicked through a food magazine for a minute. What bliss! xx

  3. So long as it's not a pressure for you and you are looking after yourself as well as the family, I think you're on the right track. I remember my psych telling me I had to take me time every day, but sometimes it's just not possible. I 'try' though 🙂

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