{52 Weeks} Week 39: Things I know

This week I thought I would join in with Yay for Home’s Things I Know link up. So, here’s what I know this week;

* Kahlei has a wicked sense of humour
(playing PegButton people + she stole my ‘head’)

* Getting one-on-one time with each of my child during the week is such a blessing

* Teething sucks

* Being sick sucks

* I feel like I spend more time at the sink than I do with my husband

* On the subject of husbands; the easiest way to make hubby happy in bed is to buy new flannelette sheets

* My girls are really testing the boundaries and my patience with their bedtime habits. It is a horrible war we seem to be waging nightly; complete with emotional blackmail

* Nicolas Cage is All Kinds of Awesome

* Picking photos to submit to the show is HARD. It’s my first time and I feel so much pressure. I am putting some up on my Facebook page, if you want to pop over and help me out! Also, feel free to ‘like’ me while there



  1. Yay excited to see you knowing stuff too!

    Boo to sickness and bedtime issues though, hope both resolve v quickly!

  2. It is amazing the stuff we mamas know.

    We have been having bedtime issues with Addison also. Must be an age thing… keeping my fingers crossed that it resolves quickly in my house and yours.

    Hope everyone is over that yucky sickness.

  3. OMG! You totally had me going with your post on Twitter & I just had to come read what you'd written. Great list of things you know. Hugs over the bedtime issues. I know them all too well! 😉

  4. Oh hello there, over the fence, yes, teething is tough, although have to say, my girls all got teeth in silence but my boy, he dribbled through every tooth like a waterfall. Fabulous trick for bedtime, say you'll sit in their room – pay them zero attention (if you think it's going to take a while, take a book with you for your sanity), if they are talking or getting up out of bed, you leave – so many behaviours are them crying out for attention (even from devoted stay at home mummies) & they'll soon be in bed asleep & plotting the next adventure on how to test your patience. This method doesn't involve any stress or yelling, it's just about presence & silence. Also, i find moving my children around into different bedrooms works too, huge effort but it's also a bribe of 'behave & you'll get this new bedroom thing' maybe even flannel sheets!! Find their currency. Love Posie

  5. I think I am missing something… what show are you entering? I went to your facebook page,but do you just want me to tell you what the best photo is? It does it need to be the best for a certain purpose? Either way, it would be hard, they all look great…

    And for bed time, I take my iPod, not a book and I do the same as Pose Patchwork. I used to get really impatient, but now I am grateful that I get time to listen to my audiobooks and everyone is happy.

  6. Kate – I am pretty excited to be knowing things as well; somedays I feel like my brain disappeared in my last pregnancy!

  7. mommysankey – I hope your bedtime issues resolve soon, too. I find it so had to deal with as we put so much work in to get them to be good at going to bed. I feel a bit like I want to throw my hands in the air and say "Well, what was the point of all that WORK?"
    Instead, I am trying to calmly work through it. If you find the answer, please be sure to come and share it with me!

  8. Talia – Sorry, hehe. I thought it might get me some traffic 😉 Plus it is totally true!

  9. Posie – thank you for your comment and advice. I will have to try that, it sounds like a good alternative to what we're going through now, for sure.

  10. Tat – I am entering the local show in my town (which is in May). I have entered them now – it was hard to choose. There are so many I love but at the same time I don't know if they're good enough.

    I love the idea of taking my iPod, it would probably make the waiting it out so much easier. Thanks for the tip xo

  11. Nicholas Cage is awesome-and he shares my birthday!

  12. Teething and sickness definitely sucks! We have dealing with the same in our household. Hope next week is a better one for you x

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